PREMIS (Preservation Metadata, Data Dictionary Maintenance Activity)
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PREMIS Data Dictionary and Schema Revision Process


The following details the procedures for requesting a change to the PREMIS Data Dictionary for Preservation Metadata [PDF] or its associated XML schema. (This document is prepared in Adobe Acrobat format (PDF); A free reader can be downloaded from the Adobe site for viewing.)

1. Requesting changes

Proposals for changes to the PREMIS Data Dictionary and schema should be made in writing to the PREMIS Editorial Committee via the PREMIS comment form at:
Proposals may come from individuals, preservation metadata groups, or other entities. They are discussed at PREMIS Editorial Committee conference calls and, when appropriate, on the PREMIS Implementers’ Group list ([email protected]).  It is desirable to solicit discussion of most proposed changes on the PREMIS Implementers’ Group list.

2. Proposal requirements

  • Summary of change request with indication whether it affects the PREMIS Data Dictionary, PREMIS XML schema, or both. Most changes to the data dictionary affect the schema unless they are only editorial changes
  • A statement about the impact on existing PREMIS usage, if known, including rationale for making the change
  • Use Case(s) for the request  NOTE: more than one use case is preferred
  • Examples of how it will be used (an XML fragment if appropriate)
  • Contact name and email address for requestor

3. Discussions of potential changes

Discussions of the change request may be initiated on the PIG listserv by a requestor, but a formal request needs to also be documented on the PREMIS wiki ( or submitted to the PREMIS Editorial Committee via the website form.

For changes that are only editorial in nature or errata, the PREMIS Implementers’ Group does not need to be consulted and the change only documented on the PREMIS website ( For substantive changes, the Group will be consulted. Substantive changes are those that alter the meaning of the data dictionary.

4. PREMIS Editorial Committee change process

The PREMIS Editorial Committee will take action on change requests as follows:

  • Acknowledge any requests within 2 weeks of receipt
  • Schedule discussion within 2 months
  • Generally, if a substantive change (see above definition), discuss over 2 meetings so that most members can contribute
  • Notify the community of decisions by documenting on PREMIS website as approved changes

Final decisions on proposed changes shall be made by a vote of the Committee at one of its monthly teleconference meetings at which a quorum of members are present. A quorum is defined as a majority number of the total positions on the Committee. The Committee will issue changes no more than twice a year in terms of documentation in an addendum to the Data Dictionary and/or a revision to the PREMIS XML schema.

A draft revision to the XML schema will be made available to the PREMIS community via a message to the PIG list.  Following formal adoption of the changes made to the Data Dictionary and/or schema, a member of the Editorial Committee or Schema Editor shall publicize the changes to the PREMIS community at least by notice on the PREMIS listserv, the PREMIS website and the PREMIS wiki. Notice shall include explanation of the use case, solution, and XML fragment (if appropriate) providing an example of the change.