PREMIS (Preservation Metadata, Data Dictionary Maintenance Activity)
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A Daunting PREMIS: Implementing Preservation Metadata within the METS Framework

Presented at 2006 International Conference on Digital Archive Technologies (ICDAT2006)

Jerome P. McDonough
Graduate School of Library & Information Science, UIUC

19-20 October 2006

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Generic vs. Specific: Events, Rights & AgentsNOTES: PREMIS Object provides technical metadata applicable to any digital object.
Z39.87, SMPTE RP210, AES-X098B all provide technical metadata specific to their respective formats.
While PREMIS provides generic Events, Rights & Agents metadata, scholars in the future may want more. We need not only format specific technical metadata standards, we may also need situationally/format specific event records, agent records and rights records. Metadata common to all formats/situations is key, but it is not the whole story.