PREMIS (Preservation Metadata, Data Dictionary Maintenance Activity)
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A Daunting PREMIS: Implementing Preservation Metadata within the METS Framework

Presented at 2006 International Conference on Digital Archive Technologies (ICDAT2006)

Jerome P. McDonough
Graduate School of Library & Information Science, UIUC

19-20 October 2006

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METS & PREMISNOTES: Combination of METS & PREMIS is currently in use at Library of Congress, Stanford, National Library of Australia, Florida Center for Library Automation, MathArc Project (Cornell and Gottingen State & Univ. Library), with other experimental efforts underway.

This provides you with a graphical view of how the various bits and pieces of a METS object might fit together.

Orange is structural map, defining a logical structure for the object (a movie). The root node links to a descriptive metadata record in dublin core format for the object, as well as an IP rights record for the object using the PREMIS rights schema. One scene in the movie can be mapped to a set of MPEG2 files comprising the content, along with a subsection of a text file providing subtitling information. Content files can be linked to multiple technical metadata records, in this case a PREMIS record for general technical metadata and a SMPTE RP210 record for video specific technical metadata, and to a variety of PREMIS records describing the file’s life-cycle.