PREMIS (Preservation Metadata, Data Dictionary Maintenance Activity)
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A Daunting PREMIS: Implementing Preservation Metadata within the METS Framework

Presented at 2006 International Conference on Digital Archive Technologies (ICDAT2006)

Jerome P. McDonough
Graduate School of Library & Information Science, UIUC

19-20 October 2006

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METS StructureNOTES: Structural Map -- heart and soul of a METS document, providing the grounding framework for all other linking Of content and metadata with in a METS object.

We are Aristotelian in METS: if you can’t model it using a tree, it’s obviously not worth worrying about.
So, a movie can be decomposed hierarchically as one or more scenes, including one or more shots.

Every node in a METS structural tree can be associated with both content and descriptive and administrative metadata.

Content files can be separately associated with descriptive and administrative metadata. So, the root node in the structural Map might link to a MARC21 record describing a moview, and an MPEG2 file in the file section might link to a technical Metadata record providing information in the file format, compression ratio, bit-rate, colorspace, etc.