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Biographical Sources in the Sciences

Tracer Bullet 88-3


This guide offers a systematic approach to the wide variety of published biographical information on men and women of science. Both historical and contemporary scientists are covered, with emphasis on American scientists. Sources were selected on the basis of general availability through major public and institutional library systems. Departing from the usual Tracer Bullet format, this guide is organized under the following headings: (1) general works, (2) bibliographies and indexes, (3) selected national sources, (4) subject sources, arranged by broad disciplines, and (5) pertinent abstracting and indexing services. Not intended to be a comprehensive bibliography, this Tracer Bullet is designed--as the name of the series implies--to put the reader "on target."



Chen, Ching-chih. Biographical sources. In her Scientific and technical information sources. 2nd ed. Cambridge, Mass., MIT Press, 1987. p. 448-464.
   Z7401.C48 1987 <SciRR>

Ferguson, Eugene S. Biography. In his Bibliography of the history of technology. Cambridge, Mass., Society for the History of Technology and the M.I.T. Press, 1968. (Society for the History of Technology. Monograph series, v. 5) p. 73-89.
   Z7914.H5F4 <SciRR>

Grogan, Denis J. Biographical sources. In his Science and technology; an introduction to the literature. 4th ed. London, C. Bingley, 1982. p. 380-387.
   Q225.5.G76 1982 <SciRR>



Subject headings used by the Library of Congress, under which books on allergies and asthma can be located in most card, book, and online catalogs include the following:

Highly Relevant

   See also subdivision BIOGRAPHY under groups of scientists, e.g.,



   See also subdivision BIOGRAPHY under other scientific disciplines, e.g., AERONAUTICS; ELECTRONIC DATA PROCESSING; PHOTOGRAPHY. Note: these headings are used for collective biography only.

   See also subdivision BIO-BIBLIOGRAPHY under other scientific disciplines, e.g., GEOLOGY; MEDICINE; SCIENCE



   See also subdivisions ANECDOTES; ANECDOTES, FACETIAE, SATIRE, ETC.; CORRESPONDENCE; CORRESPONDENCE, REMINISCENCES, ETC.; INTERVIEWS; and PORTRAITS under groups of scientists, e.g., ENGINEERS; PHYSICISTS; TECHNOLOGISTS, with or without geographic area subdivisions

More General




Arago, Dominique Francois Jean. Biographies of distinguished scientific men. Freeport, N.Y., Books for Libraries Press, 1972. 2 v.
   Q141.A65 1972
   Reprint of the 1859 ed.

Asimov, Isaac. Asimov's biographical encyclopedia of science and technology; the lives and achievements of 1510 great scientists from ancient times to the present, chronologically arranged. 2nd rev. ed. Garden City, NY, Doubleday, 1982. 941 p.
   Q141.A74 1982 <SciRR>

A Biographical dictionary of scientists. Edited by Trevor I. Williams; assistant editor, Sonia Withers. 3rd ed. New York, Wiley, 1982. 674 p.
   Q141.B528 1982 <SciRR>

A Biographical encyclopedia of scientists. Edited by John Daintith, Sarah Mitchell, Elizabeth Tootill. New York, Facts on File, 1981. 2 v. (935 p.)
   Q141.B53 <SciRR>

Current contents address directory: science & technology. 1984+ Philadelphia, Institute for Scientific Information, 1985+ annual.
   Q145.C86 <SciRR>
   Continues International directory of research & development scientists, 1965-70, ISI's who is publishing in science, 1971-78, and CBD, Current bibliographic directory of the arts & sciences, 1978-83.

Dictionary of scientific biography. Charles Coulston Gillispie, editor in chief. New York, Scribner, 1970-80. 16 v.
   Q141.D5 <SciRR>
   Vol. 15, Supplement; v. 16, Index.

Feldman, Anthony, and Peter Ford. Scientists & inventors. Update editor: Graham Yost. New York, Facts on File, 1986. 352 p.    In process
   Science Reading Room has 1979 ed. (336 p. T39.F37 1979 <SciRR>).

Gascoigne, Robert M. A chronology of the history of science, 1450-1900. New York, Garland Pub., 1987. 585 p. (Garland reference library of the humanities, v. 714)
   Q125.G39 1987 <SciRR>

Grosse Naturwissenschaftler; biographisches Lexikon mit einer Bibliographie zur Geschichte der Naturwissenschaften. Hrsg. von Fritz Krafft. 2., neubearb. und erw. Aufl. Dusseldorf, VDI, 1986. 456 p.
   Q141.G85 1986 <SciRR>
    Bibliography: p. 365-435.

Howard, Arthur V. Chambers's dictionary of scientists. London, W. & R. Chambers, 1951. 500 columns.
   Q141.H69 1951a <SciRR>

McGraw-Hill modern scientists and engineers. New York, McGraw-Hill, 1980. 3 v.
   Q141.M15 1980 <SciRR>
   Previous ed. published under title McGraw-Hill modern men of science.

Poggendorff, Johann C. Biographisch-literarisches Handwörterbuch zur Geschichte der exakten Wissenschaften. Leipzig, Barth, 1863-1904; Verlag Chemie, 1925-40. 6 v. in 11.
   Z7404.P74 <SciRR>
   Contents: v. 1-2. To 1857.--v. 3. 1858-83.--v. 4. 1883-1904.--v. 5. 1904-22.--v. 6. 1923-31.
----- Biographisch-literarisches Handworterbuch der exakten Naturwissenschaften. Berlin, Akademie-Verlag, 1955+
   Z7404.P74 <SciRR>
   The new series, beginning with v. 7, is subdivided into two groupings: v. 7a covers scientists from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, 1932-53, and v. 7b, scientists from other countries, 1932-62. Sci RR set is incomplete.

Scienziati e tecnologi dalle origini al 1875. v. 1+ Milano, A. Mondadori, 1975+
   Contents: v. 1. Da Abano, Pietro d' a Gibbs, Josiah Willard.--

Turkevich, John, and Ludmilla B. Turkevich. Prominent scientists of continental Europe. New York, American Elsevier, 1968. 204 p.
   Q141.T82 <SciRR>

Who's who in science in Europe; a biographical guide in science, technology, agriculture, and medicine. 5th ed. Harlow, Essex, UK, Longman; Detroit, distributed by Gale Research Co., 1987. 3 v.
   Q141.W588 1987 <SciRR>

World who's who in science; a biographical dictionary of notable scientists from antiquity to the present. Editor: Allen G. Debus. Chicago, Marquis-Who's Who, 1968. 1855 p.
   Q141.W7 <SciRR>

Zahm, John A. Woman in science; with an introductory chapter on woman's long struggle for things of the mind, by H. J. Mozans, i.e. J. A. Zahm. Cambridge, Mass., MIT Press, 1974. 452 p.
   Q147.Z26 1974 <SciRR>
   Reprint of the 1913 ed.



Bolton, Sarah K. Famous men of science. 4th ed. New York, Crowell, 1961, c1960. 326 p.
   Q141.B7 1961
   Includes: Copernicus, Galileo, Newton, William Herschel, Faraday, Lord Kelvin, Edison, the Curies, Marconi, Burbank, Walter Reed, the Comptons, Fleming, Einstein, Urey, Herman Mark, Fermi, Salk, and Tsung Dao Lee and Chen Ning Yang.

Bridges, Thomas C., and H. Hessell Tiltman. Master minds of modern science. Freeport, NY, Books for Libraries Press, 1969. 278 p.
   Q141.B83 1969
   Reprint of the 1931 ed

Cohen, Harry, and Itzhak J. Carmin, eds. Jews in the world of science; a biographical dictionary of Jews eminent in the natural and social sciences. New York, Monde Publishers, 1956. 264 p.

Crowther, J. G. Men of science: Humphry Davy, Michael Faraday, James Prescott Joule, William Thomson, James Clerk Maxwell. New York, Norton, 1936. 332 p.
   Q141.C7 1936

Defries, Amelia D. Pioneers of science; seven pictures of struggle and victory. Freeport, NY, Books for Libraries Press, 1970. 189 p.
   Q141.D37 1970
   Reprint of the 1928 ed.
   Includes: Jagadis Bose, Patrick Geddes, Victor Branford, Nicholas Roerich, Francis Bacon, Humphry Davy, and Michael Faraday.

Halacy, D. S. They gave their names to science. New York, Putnam, 1967. 159 p.
   Includes: Ernst Mach, Gregor Mendel, Christian Johann Doppler, Hans Geiger, Nicolas Sadi Carnot, Gaspard Gustave de Coriolis, Andrija Mohorovicic, James Van Allen, Rudolf Mossbauer, and Alfred Nobel.

Jones, Bessie J. Z., ed. The golden age of science; thirty portraits of the giants of 19th-century science, by their scientific contemporaries. New York, Simon and Schuster, in cooperation with the Smithsonian Institution, 1966. 659 p.
    Q141.J68 <SciRR>

Late seventeenth century scientists. Editor: Donald Hutchings. Oxford, New York, Pergamon Press, 1969. 183 p.
   Q141.L37 1969
   Includes: Robert Boyle, Marcello Malpighi, Christopher Wren, Christiaan Huygens, Robert Hooke, and Isaac Newton.

Lenard, Philipp. Great men of science; a history of scientific progress. Freeport, NY, Books for Libraries Press, 1970. 389 p.
   Q141.L62 1970 <SciRR>    Reprint of the 1933 ed.

Levitan, Tina. The laureates; Jewish winners of the Nobel prize. New York,Twayne Publishers, 1960. 236 p.

Meadows, A. J. The great scientists. New York, Oxford University Press, 1987. 248 p.
   Q141.M38 1987

Mid-nineteenth-century scientists. Edited by John North. Oxford, New York, Pergamon Press, 1969. 190 p.
   Q141.M43 1969
   Includes: Charles Babbage; Charles Darwin; James Prescott Joule; Hugh Powell, James Smith, and Andrew Ross; Joseph Lister; and W. H. Perkin.

Murray, Robert H. Science and scientists in the nineteenth century. London, Sheldon Press; New York, Macmillan, 1925. 450 p.

Nobel Prize winners; an H. W. Wilson biographical dictionary. Editor, Tyler Wasson; consultants, Gert H. Brieger and others. New York, H. W. Wilson, 1987. 1165 p.
   AS911.N9N59 1987 <SciRR>

Olby, Robert C., ed. Early nineteenth century European scientists. Oxford, New York, Pergamon Press, 1967. 179 p.
   Q141.O38 1967
   Includes: Humphry Davy, Jons Jacob Berzelius, Thomas Young, Louis Jacques Mande Daguerre and William Henry Fox Talbot, Charles Lyell, and Adolphe Quetelet.

Olby, Robert C., ed. Late eighteenth century European scientists. Oxford, New York, Pergamon Press, 1966. 209 p.
   Q141.O4 1966
   Includes: Jean Lamarck, Joseph Koelreuter, Antoine Lavoisier, Henry Cavendish, Alessandro Volta, James Watt, and William Herschel.

Scientific American. Lives in science. New York, Simon and Schuster, 1957. 274 p.

Scientific genius and creativity; readings from Scientific American. With an introd. by Owen Gingerich. New York, W. H. Freeman, 1987, c1982. 110 p.
   Q141.S293 1987
   Includes: William Harvey, Isaac Newton, Robert Boyle, Antoine Lavoisier, Carl Friedrich Gauss, Evariste Galois, Joseph Henry, Charles Darwin, Alfred Wegener, and Robert Millikan.

Walsh, James J. Catholic churchmen in science; sketches of the lives of Catholic ecclesiastics who were among the great founders in science. 1st-3rd ser. Philadelphia, American Ecclesiastical Review, Dolphin Press, 1906-17. 3 v.

The Who's who of Nobel Prize winners. Edited by Bernard S. Schlessinger and June H. Schlessinger. Phoenix, Ariz., Oryx Press, 1986. 212 p.
   AS911.N9W53 1986 <SciRR>

Wilson, Grove. The human side of science. Freeport, NY, Books for Libraries Press, 1972. 397 p.
   Q141.W65 1972
   Reprint of the 1929 ed.



Barr, Ernest Scott. An index to biographical fragments in unspecialized scientific journals. University, Ala., University of Alabama Press, 1973. 294 p.
   Q141.B29 <SciRR>

Biography and genealogy master index; a consolidated index to more than 3,200,000 biographical sketches in over 350 current and retrospective biographical dictionaries. Edited by Miranda C. Herbert and Barbara McNeil. 2nd ed. Detroit, Gale Research Co., 1980. 8 v.
   Z5305.U5B57 1980 SSRR
   Kept up to date by annual supplements with quinquennial cumulations.

Biography index; a cumulative index to biographical material in books and magazines. v. 1+ Jan. 1946+ New York, H. W. Wilson.
   Z5301.B5 SSRR
   Quarterly, with annual and triennial cumulations.

Herzenberg, Caroline L. Women scientists from antiquity to the present, an index; an international reference listing and biographical directory of some notable women scientists from ancient to modern times. West Cornwall, Conn., Locust Hill Press, 1986. xxxix, 200 p.
   Q141.H475 1986 <SciRR>
   Bibliography: p. xxix-xxxvii.

Ireland, Norma Olin. Index to scientists of the world, from ancient to modern times; biographies and portraits. Boston, Mass., F. W. Faxon Co., 1962. 662 p. (Useful reference series, no. 90)
   Z7404.I7 <SciRR>

ISIS cumulative bibliography; a bibliography of the history of science formed from ISIS critical bibliographies 1-90, 1913-65. Edited by Magda Whitrow. Chairman of editorial committee, I. Bernard Cohen. London, Mansell in conjunction with the History of Science Society, 1971-84. 6 v.
   Z7405.H6I2 <SciRR>
   Contents: v. 1. Personalities, A-J.--v. 2. Personalities, K-Z. Institutions.--v. 3. Subjects.--v. 4. Civilizations and periods, prehistory to Middle Ages.--v. 5. Civilizations and periods, 15th to 19th centuries.--v. 6. Author index.

ISIS cumulative bibliography, 1966-1975; a bibliography of the history of science formed from ISIS critical bibliographies 91-100 indexing literature published from 1965 through 1974. Edited by John Neu. London, Mansell in conjunction with the History of Science Society, 1980+
   Z7405.H6I2 Suppl. <SciRR>
   Contents: v. 1. Personalities and institutions.--v. 2. Subjects, periods and civilizations.--

The New York times biographical service. v. 6+ 1975+ New York, New York Times; Ann Arbor, Mich., University Microfilms International. monthly.
   CT120.N45 SSRR
   Indexes are cumulated annually.
   Continues New York times biographical edition, 1970-74.

The New York times obituaries index. New York, New York Times, 1970-80. 2 v.
   CT213.N47 SSRR
   Contents: v. 1. 1858-1968.--v. 2. 1969-1978.

Ogilvie, Marilyn B. Women in science, antiquity through the nineteenth century; a biographical dictionary with annotated bibliography. Cambridge, Mass., MIT Press, 1986. 254 p.
   Q141.O34 1986 <SciRR>

Pelletier, Paul A. Prominent scientists; an index to collective biographies. 2nd ed. New York, Neal-Schuman Publishers, 1985. 356 p
   Q141.P398 1985 <SciRR>

Royal Commonwealth Society. Library. Biography catalogue of the Library of the Royal Commonwealth Society. By Donald H. Simpson. London, Royal Commonwealth Society, 1961. 511 p.
   Z5301.R6 SSRR

Siegel, Patricia J., and K. Thomas Finley. Women in the scientific search; an American bio-bibliography, 1724-1979. Metuchen, N.J., Scarecrow Press, 1985. 399 p.
   Z7404.S57 1985 <SciRR>

Slocum, Robert B. Biographical dictionaries and related works; an international bibliography. 2nd ed. Detroit, Gale Research Co., 1986. 2 v. (1319 p.)
   Z5301.S55 1986 <SciRR>
   Contents: v. 1. Universal biography; national or area biography.--v. 2. Biography by vocation; author index; title index; subject index.



American Black scientists and inventors. Edward S. Jenkins and others. Washington, D.C., National Science Teachers Association, 1975. 79 p.
   Includes: Ernest E. Just, Garrett Augustus Morgan, George Washington Carver, Benjamin Banneker, Percy L. Julian, Granville T. Woods, Charles Richard Drew, Charles Henry Turner, Matthew A. Henson, Leon Roddy, Elijah McCoy, and Daniel Hale Williams.

American men and women of science. 12th+ ed.; 1970+ New York, Bowker.
   Q141.A47 <SciRR>
   Continues American men of science, 1906-70.
   With 16th ed., call no. changed to Q141.A474.

Carwell, Hattie. Blacks in science: astrophysicist to zoologist. Hicksville, NY, Exposition Press, 1977. 95 p.
   LC copy missing.

Crowther, J. G. Famous American men of science. Freeport, NY, Books for Libraries Press, 1969. 414 p.
   Reprint of the 1937 ed.
   Includes: Benjamin Franklin, Joseph Henry, Josiah Willard Gibbs, and Thomas A. Edison.

Dictionary of American military biography. Roger J. Spiller, editor; Joseph G. Dawson III, associate editor. Westport, Conn., Greenwood Press, 1984. 3 v.
   U52.D53 1984 <SciRR>

Directory of experts and consultants in science and engineering. 2nd ed. Woodbridge, Conn., Research Publications, 1987. 2 v.
   TA12.D4885 <SciRR>

Elliott, Clark A. Biographical dictionary of American science; the seventeenth through the nineteenth centuries. Consultant editors, Sally Gregory Kohlstedt and others. Westport, Conn., Greenwood Press, 1979. 360 p.
   Q141.E37 <SciRR>

Fortune. Great American scientists: America's rise to the forefront of world science. Englewood Cliffs, NJ, Prentice-Hall, 1961. 144 p.

Haber, Louis. Black pioneers of science and invention. New York, Harcourt, Brace & World, 1970. 181 p.
   Q141.H2 <SciRR>
   Bibliography: p. 168-176.

Harris, Jonathan. Scientists in the shaping of America. Menlo Park, Calif., Addison-Wesley Pub. Co., 1971. 142 p.

Jaffe, Bernard. Men of science in America; the story of American science told through the lives and achievements of twenty outstanding men from earliest colonial times to the present day. Rev. ed. New York, Simon and Schuster, 1958. 715 p.
   Q127.U6J271958 <SciRR>

Jordan, David Starr. Leading American men of science. New York, H. Holt, 1910. 471 p.
   Includes: Benjamin Thompson (Count Rumford), Alexander Wilson, John James Audubon, Benjamin Silliman, Joseph Henry, Louis Agassiz, Jeffries Wyman, Asa Gray, James Dwight Dana, Spencer Fullerton Baird, Othniel Charles Marsh, Edward Drinker Cope, Josiah Willard Gibbs, Simon Newcomb, George Brown Goode, Henry Augustus Rowland, and William Keith Brooks.

Klein, Aaron E. The hidden contributors; Black scientists and inventors in America. Garden City, NY, Doubleday, 1971. 203 p.
   LC copy missing.

Kohlstedt, Sally G. Appendix: biographical directory of the AAAS, 1848-60. In her The formation of the American scientific community; the American Association for the Advancement of Science, 1848-60. Urbana, University of Illinois Press, 1976. p. 267-330.
   Q11.A53K63 <SciRR>

Leaders in American science. 8th ed.; 1968/69. Hattiesburg, Miss., Who's Who in American Education, 1968. 681 p.
   Q141.L43 <SciRR>

National Academy of Sciences. Biographical memoirs. v.1+ Washington, DC, 1877+

National union catalog of manuscript collections. 1959/61+ Washington, Library of Congress.
   Z6620.U5N3 SSRR
   Catalogs and indexes now published annually in separate volumes; indexes are reissued in quinquennial cumulations.

Noble, Iris. Contemporary women scientists of America. New York, J. Messner, 1979. 158 p.
   Q141.N67 <SciRR>
   Contents: Seven 20th century pioneers.--Margaret Mead.--Joanne Simpson.--Estelle Ramey.--Charlotte Friend.--Chien Shiung Wu.--Dixie Lee Ray.--Isabella Karle.--Elizabeth Shull Russell.--Mildred Dresselhaus.

A Passion to know; 20 profiles in science. Allen L. Hammond, editor. New York, Scribner, 1984. 240 p.
   Q141.P374 1984    Includes: Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar, Carleton Gajdusek, Sheldon Glashow, Margaret Mead, Gerald Wasserburg, Robert Trivers, Kurt Godel, Bernd Heinrich, Frank Oppenheimer, Michael McElroy, Barbara McClintock, Charles Darwin, Robert Wilson, Herbert Simon, James Lovelock, Birgit Zipser, John Wheeler, Tuzo Wilson, Mark Ptashne, and Albert Einstein.

Special Libraries Association. Science-Technology Division. Handbook of scientific and technical awards in the United States and Canada, 1900-1952. Edited by Margaret A. Firth. New York, Special Libraries Association, 1956. 491 p.
   Q141.S63 <SciRR>

Swisher, Robert. Black American biography, compiled by Robert Swisher; and Black American scientists, compiled by Carol Tullis; and Black Americans in public affairs, compiled by Richard Hicks. Bloomington, Indiana University Libraries, 1969. 52 p.

Thiesmeyer, Lincoln R., and John E. Burchard. Combat scientists. Boston, Little, Brown, 1947. 412 p.

United States. Library of Congress. General Reference and Bibliography Division. Biographical sources for the United States. Compiled by Jane Kline. Washington, 1961. 58 p.
   Z663.28.B53 MRR Alc

Who was who in American history--science and technology. A component of Who's who in American history. 76 bicentennial ed. Chicago, Marquis Who's Who, 1976. 688 p.
   Q149.U5W5 <SciRR>

Who's who in frontiers of science and technology. 2nd+ ed. Chicago, Marquis Who's Who, 1985+
   Q141.W57 <SciRR>

Yost, Edna. American women of science. Rev. ed. Philadelphia, Lippincott, 1955. 232 p.
   Q130.Y6 1955
   Includes: Ellen H. Richards, Annie Jump Cannon, Alice Hamilton, Florence Rena Sabin, Mary Engle Pennington, Lillian Moller Gilbreth, Libbie Henrietta Hyman, Wanda K. Farr, Hazel K. Stiebeling, Florence B. Seibert, Katharine Burr Blodgett, and Margaret Mead.

----- Modern Americans in science and invention. New York, F. A. Stokes Co., 1941. 270 p.
   Includes: Ezra Cornell, John Francis Appleby, Stephen Smith, Samuel F. Langley, John Brashear, Ambrose Swasey, William Crawford Gorgas, Harvey Washington Wiley, Elmer A. Sperry, George Washington Carver, Leo Hendrik Baekeland, Willis H. Carrier, Charles F. Kettering, Frederick G. Cottrell, Robert R. Williams, Vladimir K. Zworykin, and Emil Truog.

Young, Herman A., and Barbara H. Young. Scientists in the Black perspective. Louisville, Ky., Lincoln Foundation, 1974. 185 p.

Zuckerman, Harriet. Scientific elite: Nobel laureates in the United States. New York, Free Press, 1977. 335 p.
   Q149.U5Z8 <SciRR>



Acadéemie des sciences, Paris. Index biographique Des membres et correspondants de l'Academie Des sciences du 22 decembre 1666 au 15 novembre 1954. 2. ed. Paris, Gauthier-Villars, 1954. 534 p.    Q46.A163 1954

Akademie der Wissenschaften, Vienna. Osterreichische Naturforscher und Techniker. Wien, Gesellschaft fur Natur und Technik, 1951. 216 p.
   Includes 92 biographical sketches.

Alphandéry, Marie F. Dictionnaire Des inventeurs francais. Paris, Éditions Seghers, 1963, c1962. 371 p.
   Short biographies of 750 French inventors, with a subject index.

Beek, Leo. Dutch pioneers of science. Assen, Netherlands, Van Gorcum, 1985. 181 p.
   Q141.B35 1985

Capparoni, P. Profili bio-bibliografici di medici e naturalisti celebri italiani dal sec. XV° al sec. XVIII°. Roma, Istituto naz. medico farmacologico "Serono," 1928-32. 2 v.

Deutsche Forscher aus sechs Jahrhunderten; Lebensbilder von Ärzten, Naturwissenschaftlern und Technikern. Leipzig, Bibliographisches Institut, 1965. 440 p.

Diccionario histórico de la ciencia moderna en España. José M. López Piñero et al. Barcelona, Península, 1983. 2 v. (Historia, ciencia, sociedad, 180-181. Serie universitaria)
   Q141.D48 1983 <SciRR>

France. Délégation générale à la recherche scientifique et technique. Répertoire Des scientifiques franéais. Paris, Office national Des universites et écoles françaises, 1962-67. 5 v.
   Q145.F7 Cat Ref

Fueter, Eduard, ed. Grosse Schweizer Forscher. 2., erw. Aufl. Zurich, Atlantis Verlag, 1941. 340 p.
   Q141.F8 1941
   Includes biographical sketches of 130 scientists.

Garcia, Carlos, and Edward Garcia. Science of the Spanish speaking people; a dictionary of great Latin scientists. s.1., Garcia Enterprises, 1982. 161 p.
   Q141.G37 1982
   Bibliography: p. 157-161.

Gerrits, G. C. Grote Nederlanders, bij de opbouw der natuurwetenschappen. Leiden, E. J. Brill, 1948. 518 p.

Hall, Alfred R. The Abbey scientists. London, R. & R. Nicholson, 1966. 72 p.
   Notes on 56 scientists buried or represented by memorials in Westminister Abbey.

Jöcher, Christian G. Allgemeines Gelehrten-Lexicon. Leipzig, Gleditsch, 1750-51. 4 v.
   Z1010.J63 MRR Biog

----- ----- Fortsetzung und Ergänzungen. Leipzig, Gleditsch, 1784-87; Delmenhorst, Jöntzen, 1810; Bremen, Heyse, 1813-19; Leipzig, Selbstverlag der Deutschen Gesellschaft, 1897. 7 v.
   Z1010.J63 MRR Biog
   Continuation covers A-Romuleus only; no more published. MRR Biog set incomplete.

Lindroth, Sten, ed. Swedish men of science, 1650-1950. Translated from the Swedish by Burnett Anderson. Stockholm, Swedish Institute, Almqvist & Wiksell, 1952. 295 p.

Líudi russkoi nauki; ocherki o vydaíushchikhsía deíatelíiakh estestvoznaniía i tekhniki. Matematika, mekhanika, astronomiía, fizika, khimiía. Pod red. I. V. Kuznetsova. Moskva, Gos. izd-vo fiziko-matematicheskoi lit-ry, 1961. 599 p.

Men of science & technology in India (III). In Reference guide of India; who's who. Edited by Raj K. Khosla. v. 1. New Delhi, Premier Publishers (India), 1973. p. 107-178.
   CT1502.R43 So Asia

Müszaki nagyjaink. Budapest, Gépipari Tudományos Egyesulet, 1981+
   Q141.M83 1981
    Vols. 1-3 (2nd ed.) published in 1983 and edited by B. Szóke; v. 4-6 edited by I. Pénzes.
   Contents: 1. Az áramlástan müvelöi, a kalorikus gépek, a gazdasági és szerszámgepgyártás fejlesztöi sorából.--2. A bányászat, a kohászat, gépészet, AZ erösaramú elektrotechnika és villamos vontatas nagyjai sorából.--3. Fizikus és matematikus alkotó, oktatók, föként a mernökképzés tánarai soréból.--4. Reneszánsz gépészet, a repülés úttörói, a matematika, a fizika és a kémia alkotói.--5. A magyar gépészet alkotói, egyetemi oktatók.--6. Matematikusok, AZ oktatás, a gépészet és a villamos vontatás alkotói, kiváló lisztvegyészek.--

New Zealand Association of Scientists. Directory of New Zealand science. 5th ed. Edited by K. J. Aldous. Wellington, 1975. 205 p.
   Q145.N4 1975

Pakistan Association of Scientists and Scientific Professions. Scientists and technologists of Pakistan, a directory. Karachi, 1966. 367 p.
   Q145.P25 Cat Ref

Parry, Albert. The Russian scientist. New York, Macmillan, 1973. 196 p. Includes chapters on 7 Russian scientists.
   Q141.P37 <SciRR>

Prakash, Satya. Founders of sciences in ancient India. New Delhi, Research Institute of Ancient Scientific Studies, 1965. 675, 10 p.
   Q127.I4P7 <SciRR>

Royal Society of London. Biographical memoirs of fellows. v. 1+ 1955+ London.
   Continues the society's Obituary notices of fellows, v. 1-9, 1932-54.

Scholta, Karl, comp. Deutsche Wissenschaftler und Forscher im niederländischen Raum seit 1600. Soest (Holland), "Der Meilenstein" Verlag, 1943. 2 v. (Veröffentlichung der Forschungsstelle "Volk und Raum," Nr. 1-2)

Scientists in nineteenth century Australia; a documentary history. Edited with introds. By Ann Mozley Moyal. Melbourne, Cassell Australia, 1976. 280 p. Q

Scientists in the Philippines. Manila, National Science Development Board, 1975-78. 2 v.
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   Includes: Garrett A. Morgan, Lewis Temple, Frederick McKinley Jones, Jan E. Matzeliger, Lewis H. Latimer, Elijah McCoy, Norbert Rillieux, and Granville T. Woods.

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   T39.H6 1928    

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   T39.I5 1968
   Reprint of the 1912 ed.
   Includes: John and Robert Livingston Stevens, Robert Fulton, Eli Whitney, Thomas Blanchard, Samuel F. B. Morse, Charles Goodyear, John Ericsson, Cyrus Hall McCormick, Christopher Latham Sholes, Elias Howe, Benjamin Chew Tilghman, and Ottmar Mergenthaler.

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   T39.L56 1985

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   Includes: Benvenuto Cellini, Thomas Tompion, Antonio Stradivari, Grinling Gibbons, John Baskerville, Thomas Chippendale, Josiah Wedgwood, James and William Tassie, Mme. Marie Tussaud, William Morris, and Eric Gill.

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   Includes: Frederick Gardner Cottrell; Edwin Land; John Bardeen, Walter Brattain, and William Shockley; Sir Christopher Cockerell; Chester Carlson; Felix Wankel; Charles H. Townes; Sherman M. Fairchild; and Edwin Howard Armstrong.

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   Reprint of the 1863 ed.

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   T39.W49 <SciRR>
   "A biographical encyclopedia ... covering the most important countries of Western Europe."

Who's who in technology. 5th+ ed.; 1986+ Woodbridge, Conn., Research Publications. biennial.
   T39.W5 <SciRR>
   Contents of 5th ed.: v. 1. Who's who in electronics & computer science.--v. 2. Who's who in mechanical engineering & materials science.--v. 3. Who's who in chemistry & plastics.--v. 4. Who's who in civil engineering, earth sciences & energy.--v. 5. Who's who in physics & optics.--v. 6. Who's who in biotechnology.--v. 7. Master index of expertise/master index of names.




Abstracting and indexing services that index relevant journal articles and other literature are listed below.

America, History and Life (1964+ ) Z1236.A48, Z1236.A484, Z1236.A485, Z1236.A486, and Z1236.A487 MRR Alc
Applied Science & Technology Index (1913+ ) Z7913.I7 <SciRR>
Astronomy and Astrophysics Abstracts (1969+ ) Z5153.A862 <SciRR>
Bibliography and Index of Geology (1933+ ) Z6031.G4 <SciRR>
Bibliography of Agriculture (1942+ ) Z5073.U572 <SciRR>
Biological Abstracts (1926+ ) QH301.B37 <SciRR>
Chemical Abstracts (1907+ ) QD1.A51 <SciRR>
Current Biography (1940+ ) CT100.C8 SSRR
Current Work in the History of Medicine (1954+ ) R131.A1C8
Engineering Index (1884+ ) Z5851.E62 <SciR>
Historical Abstracts, 1775-1945 (1955+ ) D299.H5, D299.H512, and D299.H513 SSRR
Magazine Index (1976 +) Last 5 years on film/COM reader in SSRR
Mathematical Reviews (1940+ ) QA1.M76 <SciRR>
New York Times Index (1913+ ) AI21.N44 and AI21.N45 SSRR
Physics Abstracts (1898- ) Q1.S3 <SciRR> and QC1.P46 <SciRR>
Psychological Abstracts (1927+ ) BF1.P65 <SciRR>
Readers' Guide to Periodical Literature (1900+ ) AI3.R48 SSRR



Journals that often contain biographical articles on scientists, or bibliographic listings of relevant books and articles, include:

Agricultural History
American Heritage of Invention & Technology
American Psychologist BF1.A55
American Scientist LJ85.S502
British Journal for the History of Science Q125.B77
Bulletin of the History of Medicine R11.B93
Historia Mathematica QA21.H54
Historical Studies in the Physical and Biological Sciences QC7.H69
History of Science Q125.H63
History of Technology T14.7.H57
Industrial Archaeology T37.I5
Isis Q1.I7
Journal of Chemical Education QD1.J93
Journal of the History of Ideas B1.J75
Journal of the History of Medicine and Allied Sciences R131.A1J6
Osiris Q1.O7
Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society Q11.P5
Science Q1.S35
Scientific American T1.S5
Scientific Monthly Q1.S817
Studies in History and Philosophy of Science Q125.S94
Technology and Culture T1.T27


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