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Biographical Sources in the Sciences -- Life, Earth and Physical Science (1989-2006)

Tracer Bullet 06-4

Man at old fashioned photography equipment.William Henry Jackson, 1843-1942. His pioneering photography for the U.S. Geological Survey helped convince Congress to preserve many treasures of the western U.S. as national Parks. From the National Park Service Web site.


This guide offers a systematic approach to the wide variety of published biographical information on men and women of science in the life, earth and physical sciences, primarily from 1989 to 2006, and complements TB88-3 (Biographical Sources in the Sciences, compiled 1988) and TB06-7 (Biographical Sources in the Sciences -- General Works and National Sources, compiled 2006). Works previously listed in TB88-3 have not been retained, but older works which did not make it into the previous bibliography have been included. Both historical and contemporary scientists are covered, with emphasis on Americans. As in TB88-3, bibliographic citations include the indication of illustrations, particularly portraits, and the inclusion of preliminary pagination extending to more than 13 pages and unnumbered as well as numbered series notes.

Departing from the usual Tracer Bullet format, where one subject is treated per publication, Biographical Resources in the Sciences instead is being issued in three parts, General Works and National Sources; Life, Earth and Physical Sciences (1989-2006); and Technology and Computer Sciences (1989-2006). Each Tracer Bullet contains an introduction to the topic that includes basic works on biography and a general listing of subject headings. This part, TB06-4 includes Agriculture, Veterinary Medicine Conservation; Astronomy; Biological Sciences; Chemistry; Geology, Mineralogy, Paleontology; Mathematics; Medical Sciences; Physics; Abstracting and Indexing Services; Journals; and Selected Internet Resources.



On Searching for Biographical Information

In seeking biographical information about scientists, one is apt to encounter contrary difficulties, most easily described as "feast or famine." Dozens of book-length biographies may be available for the great figures, such as Newton or Darwin, while little or nothing is ready to hand for less well known or obscure individuals. A few suggestions may be in order for searchers confronted with the latter situation. Look for journal articles; nowadays, authors' affiliations are usually given, and these can provide a useful starting point. Check membership directories of societies in the scientist's field where varying amounts of biographical information can often be found--at the very least, an address. If the individual is no longer living, a death date will facilitate the search for newspaper obituaries. If only the year of death is known, an obituary may be found by browsing journals and/or society newsletters in the scientist's field. The organization or institution that last employed the scientist may be able to offer advice or assistance. If the location of the person's home at the time of death is known, consider addressing a query to the local library. Many libraries keep clipping files devoted to noteworthy local residents, and may even be able to supply addresses of surviving family members. Published genealogies and local histories can be consulted as well. If the scientist's educational background is known, examination of college and university alumni magazines may produce information; if these are not readily available, one can try contacting the institution's alumni office.



Subject headings used by the Library of Congress, under which biographical materials on scientists and engineers can be located in most card, book, and online catalogs, include the following:

Highly Relevant

   See also subdivision BIOGRAPHY under groups of scientists, e.g.,
"African American Mathematicians;" "African American Scientists;" "Women Astronomers;" "Women Scientists;" "Scientists with Disabilities;" "Jewish scientists;" "Catholic scientists;" "Muslim scientists."

  See also subdivisions for other countries or geographic areas, e.g., "Scientists--China--Biography;" "Scientists–India--Biography;" "Scientists–Europe--Biography;" "Scientists–Latin America--Biography."


   See also subdivision BIOGRAPHY under other scientific disciplines, e.g., AERONAUTICS; ELECTRONIC DATA PROCESSING; PHOTOGRAPHY. Note: these headings are used for collective biography only.

   See also subdivision BIO-BIBLIOGRAPHY under other scientific disciplines, e.g., GEOLOGY; MEDICINE; SCIENCE



   See also subdivisions ANECDOTES; ANECDOTES, FACETIAE, SATIRE, ETC.; CORRESPONDENCE; CORRESPONDENCE, REMINISCENCES, ETC.; INTERVIEWS; and PORTRAITS under groups of scientists, e.g., ENGINEERS; PHYSICISTS; TECHNOLOGISTS, with or without geographic area subdivisions

More General





Agricultural & veterinary sciences international who's who. 5TH ed. Harlow, Essex, UK, Longman Group; New York, Stockton Press, 1994. 1157p.
   S415.W45 1994 <SciRR Desk>
   "... contains details of over 10,800 senior agricultural and veterinary scientists concerned with research from 132 countries." A country and subject index (p. 1125-1157) lists names under professional fields for each of the countries included.

Axelrod, Alan, and Charles Phillips. The environmentalists: a biographical dictionary from the 17th century to the present. New York, Facts on File, 1993. xiv, 258 p. illus., ports.
   Includes bibliographical references.
   Treats organizations as well as individuals.
   S926.A2A94 1993 <SciRR>

Becher, Anne, and others. American environmental leaders: from colonial times to the present. Santa Barbara, CA, ABC-CLIO, 2000. 2 v. (xviii, 921 p.) illus.
   Includes bibliographical references.
   GE55.B43 2000 <SciRR>

Biographical dictionary of American and Canadian naturalists and environmentalists. Edited by Keir B. Sterling and others. Westport, CT, Greenwood Press, 1997. xix, 937 p.
   Bibliography: p. 881-890.
   QH26.B535 1997 <SciRR>

Braun, Elisabeth. Portraits in conservation, Eastern and Southern Africa. Golden, CO, North American Press, 1995. xxxiii, 268 p. illus., maps, ports.
   Bibliography: p. 257-262.
   "Each conservationist is striving to find a balanced and interactive relationship among people, wildlife, and the environment."
   QL26.B73 1995

Breton, Mary Joy. Women pioneers for the environment. Boston, Northeastern University Press, 1998. xiv, 322 p. illus.
   Bibliography: p. 305-309.
   GE55.B74 1998 <SciRR>

Drum, Sue, and H. Ellen Whiteley. Women in veterinary medicine: profiles of success. Ames, Iowa State University Press, 1991. xv, 270 p. ports.
   Biographies of 20 women.
   SF612.D78 1991

Environmental activists. Edited by John Mongillo and Bibi Booth. Westport, CT, Greenwood Press, 2001. 356 p. illus.
   Includes bibliographical references.
   GE55.E57 2000 <SciRR>

Holmes, Madelyn. American women conservationists: twelve profiles. Jefferson, NC, McFarland, 2004. 202 p. illus.
   "List of published writings of twelve women conservationists,” p. 191-197.
    Mary Austin -- Florence Merriam Bailey -- Rosalie Edge -- Marjory Stoneman Douglas -- Helen Nearing -- Rachel Carson -- Contemporary women conservationists : Faith McNulty, Ann Zwinger, Sue Hubbell, Anne Labastille, Mollie Beattie, and Terry Tempest Williams -- Conclusion, ideas for our time.
   QH26.H66 2004

Marczakiewicz, August, and Jan Stepinski. Slownik biograficzny dzialaczy kólek rolniczych. Warszawa, Krajowy Zwiazek Rolników, Kólek i Organizacji Rolniczych, Komisja Historyczna, 1992. 157 p. ports.
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   Bibliography: p. 361-367.
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Our history of women in veterinary medicine: gumption, grace, grit, and good humor. By the Association for Women Veterinarians; compiled and edited by Phyllis Hickney Larsen. Littleton, CO, The Association, 1997. 115 p. illus.
   Bibliography: p. 105-109.
   SF612.O87 1997

The Prairie practitioners: 20th century South Dakota veterinarians. Compiled and edited by Thomas B. Ludgate and Janice Ludgate Kitzler. Freeman, SD, Pine Hill Press, 1996. 288 p. illus.
   SF612.P73 1996

Scheuering, Rachel White. Shapers of the great debate on conservation: a biographical dictionary. Westport, CT, Greenwood Press, 2004. xxviii, 312 p. (Shapers of the great American debates)
   Bibliography: p. 305-306.
   S926.A2S36 2004

Stalheim, Ole H. V. Veterinary conversations with mid-twentieth century leaders. Ames, Iowa State University Press, 1996. xxvi, 302 p. illus., ports.
   "Bibliographic Essay": p. 299-302.
   Interviews with "28 innovators who led parts of the prodigious expansion of veterinary medicine in the 20th century."
   SF612.S83 1996

Who's who of the environment. In The Environment encyclopedia and directory. 4th ed. London, Europa Publications Limited, 2005. p. 499-599.
   GE10.E57 2005 <SciRR>

World who is who and does what in environment & conservation. Edited by Nicholas Polunin; compiled by Lynn M. Curme. New York, St. Martin's Press; Geneva, Foundation for Environmental Conservation, 1997. 592 p.
   Supplementing the biographies is an appendix providing names and brief information arranged by country, and another with listings of names under very narrow specialties.
   GE55.W67 1997 <SciRR>



Bhathal, R. S. Australian astronomers: achievements at the frontiers of astronomy. Canberra, National Library of Australia, 1996. 236 p. illus., ports.
   Bibliography: p. 229-232.
   Interviews with 18 astronomers.
   QB35.B48 1996

Bònoli, Fabrizio, and Daniela Piliarvu. I lettori di astronomia presso lo studio di Bologna dal XII al XX secolo. Bologna, CLUEB, 2001. 282 p. illus. (Musei e archivi dello Studio bolognese, 7)
   Bibliography: p. 267-272.
   "Società astronomica italiana."
   QB35.B66 2001

Brüggenthies, Wilhelm, and Wolfgang R. Dick. Biographischer Index der Astronomie. Frankfurt am Main, H. Deutsch, 2005. 481 p. (Acta historica astronomiae, v. 26)
   Alternative title: Biographical index of astronomy.
   QB35.B845 2005

Cocks, Elijah E., and Josiah C. Cocks. Who's who on the moon: a biographical dictionary of lunar nomenclature. Greensboro, NC, Tudor Publishers, 1995. 600 p. 8 p. of plates. illus.
   "Works consulted": p. 593-600.
   The appendix provides lists of women honorees, names of honorees arranged by profession and by country of origin, and lunar features by location and by size.
   QB600.5.C63 1995 <SciRR>

DeVorkin, David H. Biographical, autobiographical and collected works. In his The history of modern astronomy and astrophysics: a selected, annotated bibliography. New York, Garland Pub., 1982. p. 347-395. illus. (Bibliographies of the history of science and technology, v. 1) (Garland reference library of the humanities, v. 304)
   Z5154.H57D48 1982 <SciRR>

Krishnamurthi, K. R. Indian astronomers. General editor, N. Mahalingam. Madras, International Society for the Investigation of Ancient Civilizations, 1991. 213 p.
   Short sketches of ancient Hindu astronomers.
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   Bibliography: p. 111.
   Biographical sketches and portraits of 26 Russian women astronomers.
   QB33.R9I8, v. 23

McCutcheon, Scott, and Bobbi McCutcheon. Space and astronomy: the people behind the science. Chelsea House, New York, 2006. xvi, 192 p. illus. (Pioneers in science)
   Includes bibliographical references.
   QB35.M224 2006 <SciRR>

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   Bibliography: p. 480-486.
   Appends an encyclopedic dictionary.
   VK549.M68 2000

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   Bibliography: p. 163-170.
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   Includes bibliographical references.
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   QB35.W66 2003



American nature writers. John Elder, editor. New York, Charles Scribner's Sons, 1996. 2 v. (xxiii, 1210 p.) illus., ports.
   Bibliographies cite not only each writer's publications but also biographical and critical studies.
   PS163.A6 1996 <SciRR>

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   Includes bibliographical references.
   Enlarged ed. of: Populiarnyi biografo-bibliograficheskii slovar'-spravochnik deiatelei zapovednogo dela i okhrany prirody Ukrainy, tsarskoi Rossii i SSSR, 1860-1960. 1995. (2 v.)
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   Contents: pt. 1. Group portraits.--pt. 2. Portraits of individuals, A-D.--pt. 3. Portraits of individuals, E-H.
   Pt. 3 compiled by Anita L. Karg and others.
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   A subject index is divided into three sections: "Professions, etc.," "Plants," and "Countries, etc."
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   An appendix with its own list of references provides short biographical sketches of a "miscellaneous selection of naturalists commemorated by well-known races or hybrids, by recently obsolete names, or by species that are only accidental visitors to the United States and Canada."
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   Includes bibliographical references.
   A lengthy introduction on the development of ornithology in the Netherlands in the 20th century is followed by 550 biographical sketches and a list of the names arranged by date of birth.
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   Short essays for each of 655 women discuss her life and work and cite writings by and about her.
   Appendices list the women in chronological order and by place of birth, place of work, and field of scientific interest, and cite references in biographical dictionaries and other collections.
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   Alphabetical arrangement with a chronological listing (through 1989) on p. xi-xv.
   R134.N63 1990 <SciRR>

The Nobel Prize winners: physiology or medicine. Edited by Frank N. Magill. Pasadena, CA, Salem Press, 1991. 3 v. (xv, 1597, xv p.) ports.
   Includes bibliographical references.
   Contents: v. 1. 1901-1944.--v. 2. 1944-1969.--v. 3. 1969-1990.
   R134.N633 1991 <SciRR>

Nobelstiftelsen. Physiology or medicine. Amsterdam, New York, Published for the Nobel Foundation by Elsevier Pub. Co., 1964-<2003 > v. <1-4, 6-8 > illus. (Nobel lectures, including presentation speeches and laureates' biographies)
   Vol. 7 published: Singapore, New Jersey, World Scientific, 1997.
   Vol. 8 published: New Jersey, World Scientific, 2003.
   Includes bibliographical references.
   Contents: v. 1. 1901-1921. --v. 2. 1922-1941. --v. 3. 1942-1962. --v. 4. 1963-1970. --v. 6. 1981-1990. --v. 7. 1991-1995. --v. 8. 1996-2000.
   Volume 5, 1971-1980, not in LC.
   R111.N58 <SciRR>

Oehme, Johannes. Pioniere der Kinderheilkunde. Hrsg. von Wilhelm Kosenow. Lübeck, Hansisches Verlagskontor, 1993. 96 p. illus., facsims., ports. (Themen der Kinderheilkunde, Bd. 7)
   Bibliography: p. 6.
   RJ43.A1O45 1993

Perrone, Bobette, H. Henrietta Stockel, and Victoria Krueger. Medicine women, curanderas, and women doctors. Norman, University of Oklahoma Press, 1989. xix, 252 p. illus., ports.
   Bibliography: p. 239-244.
   R692.P47 1989

Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh. Portraits, paintings & busts in the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh. By Alastair H. B. Masson. Edinburgh, The College, 1995. xxi, 244 p. illus. (some col.), ports. (some col.)
   Bibliography: p. 233-234.
   RD27.34.R69 1995

Who’s who in American nursing. 6th ed. 1996-1997. New Providence, NJ, Marquis Who’s Who, 1995. xvi, 806 p.
   Ceased with 6th ed., 1996-1997.
   RT25.U5W482 6th ed. <SciRR Desk>

Wood, Matthew. Vitalism: the history of herbalism, homeopathy, and flower essences. 2nd ed. Berkeley, CA, North Atlantic Books, 2000. xv, 215 p. illus.
   Bibliography: p. 205-212.
   Rev. ed. of: The magical staff. 1992.
   RX61.W66 2000


Boorse, Henry A., Lloyd Motz, and Jefferson Hane Weaver. The atomic scientists: a biographical history. New York, Wiley, 1989. 472 p. illus. (Wiley science editions)
   Includes bibliographical references.
   QC773.B66 1989 <SciRR>

Brennan, Richard P. Heisenberg probably slept here: the lives, times, and ideas of the great physicists of the 20th century. New York, J. Wiley, 1997. 274 p. illus., ports.
   Bibliography: p. 265-267.
   Biographies of eight physicists are preceded by an introduction, "Standing on the Shoulders of Giants," and followed by an epilogue, "The Why of Physics."
   QC15.B74 1997 <SciRR>

Energy & nuclear sciences international who’s who. 5th ed. Harlow, Essex, Longman Group; New York, Stockton Press, 1994. 410 p.
   Country and subject index: p. 399-410.
   TJ163.45.I58 1994 <SciRR Desk>

Die Grossen Physiker. Hrsg. von Karl von Meÿenn. München, C. H. Beck, 1997. 2 v. illus., facsims., ports.
   Bibliography: v. 1, p. 480-536; v. 2, p. 452-499.
   Contents: v. 1. Von Aristoteles bis Kelvin.--v. 2. Von Maxwell bis Gell-Mann.
   QC15.G76 1997

Hargittai, Magdolna, and István Hargittai. Candid science IV: conversations with famous physicists. London, Imperial College Press; River Edge, NJ, distributed by World Scientific Pub. Co., 2004. xvi, 711 p. illus., ports.
   Includes bibliographical references.
   QC15.H295 2004 <SciRR>

Herzenberg, Caroline L., and Ruth H. Howes. Women of the Manhattan Project. Technology review, v. 96, Nov./Dec. 1993: 32-40. ports.
   Includes a box, "Trying Times at Oak Ridge and Beyond," by Beth Horning.
   T171.M47, v. 96

Macmillan encyclopedia of physics. John S. Rigden, editor in chief. New York, Simon & Schuster Macmillan Reference USA, 1996. 4 v. (lxxx, 1881 p.) illus.
   Includes bibliographical references.
   Biographical entries are listed in the "Reader's Guide," v. 1, p. ix-x.
   QC5.M15 1996 <SciRR>

Niels Bohr Library. Guide to the archival collections in the Niels Bohr Library at the American Institute of Physics. College Park, MD, American Institute of Physics, 1994. xix, 574 p. illus., ports. (International catalog of sources for history of physics and allied sciences, report no. 7)
   Includes descriptions of collections of the papers of individual scientists, manuscript biographies, and oral history interviews. There is an exhaustive index.
   QC7.N48 1994 <SciRR>

The Nobel Prize winners: physics. Edited by Frank N. Magill. Pasadena, CA, Salem Press, 1989. 3 v. (xl, 1364,
xix p.) ports.
   Includes bibliographical references.
   Contents: v. 1. 1901-1937. --v. 2. 1938-1967. --v. 3. 1968-1988.
   QC25.N63 1989 <SciRR>

Notable women in the physical sciences: a biographical dictionary. Edited by Benjamin F. Shearer and Barbara S. Shearer. Westport, CT, Greenwood Press, 1997. 479 p. ports.
   Includes bibliographical references.
   "Appendix I: Scientists by profession": p. 445-447.
   "Appendix II: Scientists by honors and awards received": p. 449-459.
   Q141.N734 1997 <SciRR>

Physics, 1991-1995. Editor, Gösta Ekspong. Singapore, River Edge, NJ, World Scientific, 1997. 221 p. illus., ports. (Nobel lectures, including presentation speeches and laureates’ biographies)
   Includes bibliographical references.
   See also Physics, 1971-1980 (QC71.P455 1992 <SciRR>) and Physics, 1981-1990 (QC6.2.P47 1993 <SciRR>).
   QC6.2.P47 1997 <SciRR>

Physiker und Astronomen in Frankfurt. Hrsg. im Auftrag des Fachbereichs Physik der Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main von Klaus Bethge, Horst Klein. Frankfurt/Neuwied, A. Metzner, 1989. 237 p. illus., ports.
   Includes bibliographical references.
   QC15.P49 1989

Serafini, Anthony. Legends in their own time: a century of American physical scientists. New York, Plenum Press, 1993. xv, 361 p.
   Includes bibliographical references.
   QC15.S437 1993

Staar, Gyula. Megszállotak: öt magyar fizikus. Budapest, Typotex, 1991. 192 p. illus., ports.
   QC15.S73 1991



Abstracting and indexing services that index relevant journal articles and other literature of a biographical nature are listed below. Please consult a reference librarian for the location and formation of abstracting and indexing services in the Science Reading Room.

America, History and Life (1964- )
   Z1236.A48, Z1236.A484, Z1236.A485, Z1236.A486, Z1236.A488 and Z1236.A487 <MRR Alc> and Electronic Format

Applied Science & Technology Index (1913- )
   Z7913.I7 <SciRR A&I> and Electronic Format

Astronomy and Astrophysics Abstracts (1969- )
   Z5153.A862 <SciRR A&I> and Electronic Format

Bibliography and Index of Geology (1933- )
   Z6031.G4 <SciRR> and Electronic Format

Bibliography of Agriculture (1942- )
   Z5073.U572 <SciRR A&I> and Electronic Format

Biography and Genealogy Master Index (1975- )
   Z5305.U5B57 <MRR Biog> <BRS Biog> and Electronic format

Biography Index (1946- )
   Z5301.B5 <MRR Biog> <BRS Biog> and Electronic format

Biological Abstracts (1926- )
   QH301.B37 <SciRR A&I> and Electronic Format

Biological and Agricultural Index (1916- )
   Z5073.A46 <SciRR A&I> and Electronic Format

Chemical Abstracts (1907- )
   QD1.A51 <SciRR A&I>

Current Biography (1940- )
   CT100.C8 <MRR Biog><BRS Biog> and Electronic Format

Engineering Index (1884- )
   Z5851.E62 <SciRR A&I> and Electronic Format

General Science Index (1978- )
   Z7401.G46 and Electronic Format

Historical Abstracts (1955- )
   D299.H5, D299.H512, and D299.H513 <MRR> and Electronic Format

Mathematical Reviews (1940- )
   QA1.M76 <SciRR A&I> and Electronic Format

New York Times Index (1913- )
   AI21.N44 and AI21.N45 <MRR>

Physics Abstracts (1898- )
   Q1.S3 <SciRR> and QC1.P46 <SciRR> and Electronic Format

Readers' Guide to Periodical Literature (1900- )
   AI3.R48 <BRS> and Electronic Format

Wellcome Bibliography for the History of Medicine (2000- )
   Electronic format
   Continues Current Work in the History of Medicine (1954-1999) R131.A1C8

The following electronic resources may only be available at a large public or academic library. The Library of Congress has subscriptions to these resources which are available to on-site researchers at the Library of Congress. Some titles may be available exclusively in electronic format, while others have components which are represented in book or microfiche formats. Consult a reference librarian for the location and format of abstracting and indexing services in the Science Reading Room.

African American Biographical Database
   Electronic Format
   Includes Chadwyck-Healey's Black Biographical Dictionaries 1790-1950, obituary files, slave narrative collections, photographs, illustrations, and other sources

American National Biography
   CT213.A68 1999 <MRR Biog> and Electronic format
   Portraits of more than 17,4000 men and women from all areas and walks of life whose lives have shaped the nation.

Biography Resource Center
   Electronic format
   Database of biographical information on more than 150,000 individuals from all parts of the world. The information is taken from standard biographical resources, many of which are also available in print format in the Library.

Chambers Reference Online
   CT103.C4 <MRR Biog> and Electronic format
   Contains Chambers Biographical Dictionary (1997 ed. with amendments)

German Biography
   Electronic format
   Elektronische Allgemeine deutsche Biographie (E-ADB and E-NDB) is a database for German biographies.

JSTOR Arts & Sciences I, II III, and Health & General Science
   Electronic format
   JSTOR is a collection of full-text, keyword-searchable academic journals dating back to the late 17th century.

Oxford Dictionary of National Biography
   DA28.O95 2004 <MRR Biog> and Electronic format
   An illustrated collection of 50,000 specially written biographies of the men and women who shaped Britain's past

Proquest Historical Newspapers
   Electronic format

World Biographical Information System
   Electronic format
   Current component indexes and archives include the following, with more added yearly: American Biographical Archive (ABA Series I and II); Biographical Archive (ABEP Series I and II); Biographical Archive of the Benelux Countries/Archives biographiques des pays du Benelux (BAB I); British Biographical Archive (BBA Series I and II); Archives biographiques françaises /French Biographical Archive (ABF Series I and II); Deutsches biographisches Archiv /German Biographical Archive (DBA Series I and II); Archivio biografico italiano/Italian Biographical Archive (ABI Series I and II); Russisches biographisches Archiv/Russian Biographical Archive (RBA); Scandinavian Biographical Archive (SBA I); and Archivo biográfico de España, Portugal e Iberoamérica/Spanish, Portuguese and Latin-American Archive (ABEP Series I and II).

Xreferplus: Biography
   Electronic format
   Component sources include Debrett's Peerage and Baronetage, Debrett's People of Today, Macmillan Dictionary of Women's Biography, Penguin Biographical Dictionary of Women, Who's Who 2003, Who's Who in Ancient Egypt, Who's Who in Christianity, Who's Who in Gay and Lesbian History, and Who's Who in The Roman World.



Journals that often contain biographical articles on scientists, or bibliographic listings of relevant books and articles, include:

Agricultural History S1.A16
American Heritage of Invention & Technology T1.A455
American Scientist LJ85.S502
British Journal for the History of Science Q125.B77
Bulletin of the History of Medicine R11.B93
Historia Mathematica QA21.H54
Historical Studies in the Physical and Biological Sciences QC7.H69
History of Science Q125.H63
History of Technology T14.7.H57
Industrial Archaeology T37.I5
Isis Q1.I7
Journal of Chemical Education QD1.J93
Journal of Medical Biography R134.K33
Journal of the History of Ideas B1.J75
Journal of the History of Medicine and Allied Sciences R131.A1J6
National Academy of Sciences. Biographical Memoirs Q141.N2
Osiris Q1.O7
Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society Q11.P5
Science Q1.S35
Scientific American T1.S5
Scientific Monthly Q1.S817
Studies in History and Philosophy of Science Q125.S94



The Internet offers a growing number of sources that provide information on scientists in virtually every scientific discipline. Use your favorite search engine and the name of the individual or terms such as those provided in the section on subject headings at the beginning of this compilation. Some Internet addresses that may be of interest include:

Biographies of Women Mathematicians

The Bruce Medalists (astronomy)

Chemical Heritage Foundation: Chemical Achievers
   Contains biographical, scientific, and pictorial material about famous chemists.

History of Astronomy: Persons
   See also “Finding List of Obituaries of Astronomers (1900-1997) and list of other sources.

The History of Chemistry

History of Geology Resources on the Web: a Selection by the History of Geology Group (HOGG)
   Includes links to geological organizations and online biographies of earth scientists.

The MacTutor History of Mathematics Archive

Mathematicians of the African Diaspora

Natural History and Biology in the Nineteenth Century: A Bibliography

List of Prizes Named After People

Science Subject Guide: Biography, History of Science
   URL: //

Scripps Institute of Oceanography Archives

WWW Virtual Library: Chemistry


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