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Sibyll by Bartolomeo Coriolano

Sibyll. Chiaroscuro woodcut by Bartolomeo Coriolano, [between 1630 and 1655].

Pembroke Album

Prints & Photographs Division Holdings
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The Pembroke Album at the Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division (P&P) is a collection of 91 images, primarily chiaroscuro woodcuts by Italian printmakers active in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.

The term chiaroscuro comes from the Italian words for light and dark. Chiaroscuro refers to a form of early color woodcut made by printing woodblocks in layers, often involving a linear "key" block and one or more color tone blocks. Prints by, or attributed to, such artists as Domenico Beccafumi, Ugo da Carpi, Antonio da Trento, Niccolò Vicentino, Andrea Andreani, Alessandro Ghandini, Girolamo Bolsi, and Bartolomeo Coriolano are represented in the album.

English collectors Philip and Thomas Herbert, the 5th and 8th Earls of Pembroke, acquired these 90 prints and 1 drawing and later placed them in a sixteen-volume compendium, which was assembled between around 1683 and 1733 and is also known as the Wilton Collection. In 1918, the Library of Congress purchased a single Pembroke Album from the Maggs Brothers.

Pembroke Album cover and spine spine
Pembroke Album cover and spine

The Library conservators removed the prints from the album in the 1980s and matted the prints individually to aid their preservation. The album binding and pages, with descriptions of where each print appeared, is retained in the P&P Supplemental Archive.


Digital images created in 2008 provide ready reference viewing copies in the online catalog. A catalog record accompanies each image. The descriptive information in the catalog records is based on the checklist compiled by Alan Fern and Karen Beall in the 1970s. Research on the prints continues, and the records are updated as new information becomes available.

  • View all of the prints (not in sequence as they appeared in the album)
  • To view each print and its description in the sequence that it appeared in the Pembroke Album, see the checklist below. In some cases multiple prints were mounted on a single page.

Obtaining Reproductions

Users can download images themselves or can purchase copies through the Library of Congress Duplication Services.

Rights Information and Credit Line

There are no known restrictions on the publication of images from this Pembroke Album.

Credit line: Library of Congress, Prints & Photographs Division, Pembroke Album, [reproduction number, e.g., LC-DIG-ppmsca-18727]

Related Resources

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Fern, Alan M., and Karen F. Beall. "The ‘Pembroke’ Album of Chiaroscuros." In Graphic Sampler, compiled by Renata V. Shaw, 10-28. Washington: Library of Congress, 1979. (Call number: Z663.39 .G7 P&P)

The Graphic Sampler entries, on which the online catalog records for the Pembroke Album prints and drawing are based, include cross-references to Bartsch numbers where relevant.

Griffiths, Antony. "Print Collecting in Rome, Paris, and London in the Early Eighteenth Century." Harvard University Art Museums Bulletin (Spring, 1994): 37-59. (Call number: N1 .H37)

Further information about the Wilton Collection of prints and drawings, including the Library of Congress Pembroke Album, can be found in Antony Griffiths’ article. 

Karpinski, Caroline, ed. Italian Chiaroscuro Woodcuts. Vol. 48 of The Illustrated Bartsch, by Adam von Bartsch. New York: Abaris Books, 1983.  (Call number: NE90.I45 1978 P&P)

Landau, David, and Peter Parshall. The Renaissance Print, 1470-1550. New Haven:Yale University Press, 1994. (Call number: NE441.5.R44 L35 1994) 

This book includes a discussion of chiaroscuro prints and printmakers with specific mention of Library of Congress Pembroke Album number 49, Domenico Beccafumi’s Three Male Figures or Three Lying Nudes.

Palmer, Samuel. General History of Printing. London: Printed by the author, 1732.  (Call number: Z124 .P17 Rare Book, Pre-1801 Coll)

The appendix describes prints and drawings in the Pembroke collection.

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Checklist of Prints in Album Sequence

Note: Artist and title information is from the Alan Fern/Karen Beall checklist:

No. ArtistTitleLink
1a Ugo da Carpi The Death of Ananias

2 Nicola Vicentino Christ Healing the Paralytic Man

3 Anonymous (after Raphael) The Flight into Egypt.
4 Anonymous (after G. F. Penni) Martha and Mary Magdalene
5 Ugo da Carpi Diogenes with the Featherless Cock
6 Ugo da Carpi Venus and Cupids
7 Ugo da Carpi The Cardinal and the Doctor
8 Vicentino, attrib. Temperance
9 Vicentino, attrib. Hope (filed/numbered with da Carpi)
10 Ugo da Carpi Sibyl Reading a Book
11 Ugo da Carpi Raphael and his Beloved
12 Antonio da Trento Man Seated, Seen from Behind
13 Anonymous (after Parmigianino) The Virgin and Child and St. John
14 Vicentino, attrib. (after Parmigianino) The Adoration of the Magi
15 Ugo da Carpi. The Virgin, St. Sebastian and a Holy Bishop
16 Andreani The Entombment
17 Anonymous (after Raphael) Saints Peter and John Curing the Sick
18 Anonymous (after Correggio) The Marriage of St. Catherine
19 Ugo da Carpi The Resurrection
20 Ugo da Carpi St. Peter Preaching the Gospel
21 Ugo da Carpi (probably) Apollo and Marsyas
22 Ugo da Carpi (probably) Pan
23 Vicentino (perhaps) Charity
24 Vicentino or Antonio da Trento Fortitude
25 Anonymous (after Parmigianino) The Virgin in an Oval
26 Anonymous (after Campi) The Rest on the Flight into Egypt
27 Anonymous (after Parmigianino) The Sacrifice of Abraham
28 Ugo da Carpi (probably) Saints Peter and John.
29 Antonio da Trento or Vicentino Diana Hunting the Stag
30 Anonymous (after Parmigianino) The Sacrifice
31 Ugo da Carpi or Vicentino, attrib. variously Faith
32 Ugo da Carpi or Vicentino, attrib. variously Prudence
33 Ugo da Carpi or Vicentino, attrib. variously Fortitude
34 Antonio da Trento The Philosopher
35 Antonio da Trento (probably) The Philosopher Diogenes and the Allegory of Astronomy
36 (Artist not given) The Marriage of St. Catherine
37 Antonio da Trento (possibly) The Holy Family with St. Margaret and a Bishop
38 Antonio da Trento St. John
39 Antonio da Trento Pallas
40 Domenico Beccafumi An Apostle (Paul?)
41 Domenico Beccafumi St. Philip (or Andrew)
42 Domenico Beccafumi An Apostle
43 Domenico Beccafumi St. Peter
44 Domenico Beccafumi St. Philip
45 Domenico Beccafumi A Philosopher (a.k.a. Study of an Old Man)
46 Domenico Beccafumi Two Nude Men: One Standing, One Reclining, engraving
47 Domenico Beccafumi [Same as above but engraving and chiaroscuro.]
48 Domenico Beccafumi, attrib. Four Doctors of the Church (?).
49 Domenico Beccafumi Three Male Figures (a.k.a. River Gods)
50a Andreani The Virgin, Child, and Saints
51a Ugo da Carpi Christ at the Table of Simon the Pharisee
52 Vicentino Christ Curing the Lepers
53 Andreani Eve After the Fall.
54 Alessandro Gandini The Virgin and Child Surrounded by Saints and Kneeling Donor
55 Ugo da Carpi The Miraculous Draught of Fishes
56a Ugo da Carpi (possibly Vicentino) Surprise
57a Ugo da Carpi or Vicentino The Adoration of the Magi.
58 Andreani The Entombment
59 Ugo da Carpi Circe. BVIII
60a Ugo da Carpi Circe. BVII
61a Ugo da Carpi Nymphs Bathing
62 Andreani Mutius Scaevola
63 Antonio da Trento St. Cecilia
64 Vicentino (possibly) Temperance
65 Vicentino (probably) Ritual in Honor of Psyche
66 Ugo da Carpi (possibly) Jason Returning with the Golden Fleece
67 Andreani Virtue
68 Bolsi Stage Design for L’Ortensio
69 Antonio da Trento The Tiburtine Sibyl and the Emperor Augustus.
70 Ugo da Carpi Ceiling with Three Angels.
71 Anonymous (possibly Andreani) The Blessed Virgin. (Vanni)
72 Coriolano Herodiade
73 . Andreani Christ Carrying the Cross.
74 Andreani The Virgin, Child, and a Bishop.
75 Coriolano St. Jerome.
76 Coriolano Study of a Giant.
77a Coriolano Sibyl Holding a Tablet.
78a Coriolano Sibyl…Paris 110.
79 Coriolano Sibyl…Paris 111.
80 Coriolano Sibyl…Paris 109
81 Coriolano The Virgin and Child.
82 Anonymous (after Titian) The Poet Aretino.
83 Coriolano The Virgin, Child, and St. John the Baptist.
84 Coriolano The Virgin and Child (reverse of previous print). .
85 Giovanni Battista Coriolano S. Carlo Borromeo. (b&w woodcut)
86 Coriolano The Virgin and Child..minor changes…inscription.
87 Coriolano Head of the Virgin
88 Coriolano The Virgin and Child…after Reni.
89 Coriolano Landscape (with Hermit or Saint in Prayer).
90 Anonymous (after Reni) The Infant Christ Prefiguring the Passion
91 Coriolano Head of Cupid.
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