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[Aerial view of the Galata Bridge, Istanbul]
Aerial view of the Galata Bridge, Istanbul

Images of Turkey
in the
Prints and Photographs Division:
Subject Overview

Sultanahmet Mosque, Istanbul
Sultanahmet Mosque, Istanbul

The Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division (P&P) has more than 8,500 images depicting Turkey. Most of these images show locations within the boundaries of the present day Republic of Turkey, although some show Syria and other regions that were part of the Ottoman Empire when the photographs were taken. Photographs make up the majority of the collection, although other formats including prints, posters, cartoons, book illustrations, and postcards are also available. Commercial, government, and news photographers, as well as travelers, writers, and others created the images. While the earliest item is a print depicting Istanbul from 1650, most items date from between 1860 and 1960.

Many of these images can be found in the Prints and Photographs Online Catalog (PPOC). The fastest way to retrieve information about the images is to search for the cited call number using the "search for number" field in PPOC. Additional images can be found by searching for "Turkey," "Turkish," "Ottoman," "Istanbul," and other keywords.

The overview is organized by type of visual material and then in broad chronological groupings.


Ismail Pacha on horseback, with Turkish officers
Ismail Pacha on horseback, with Turkish officers
Roger Fenton Crimean War Photograph Collection
The collection is comprised of photographs taken by British photographer Roger Fenton during the Crimean War. Included are portraits of the Ottoman commanders Ömer Pasa and Ismail Pasa (Gyorgy Kmety), and Croatians and Montenegrins. Please use the online images as the original materials are extremely fragile.
Date: 1855
Extent: Approximately 16 in larger collection
Call number: PH - Fenton (R.)

Smyrna, general view, Lazaretto
Smyrna, general view, Lazaretto
Constantinople, Smyrna, Beyrout, Ba'albec, Damascus
The album contains photographs of mosques, palaces, views of Istanbul and Smyrna (Izmir) and portraits of a Chaldean and a Circassian man, firemen, and a woman. Abdullah frères and other photographers took the images.
Date: 1860-1890
Extent: 31 photographs in a larger collection
Call number: LOT 7740

Photo-panoramic view of Constantinople
Photo-panoramic view of Constantinople
Photo-panoramic view of Constantinople
Photograph shows a panoramic view of Istanbul by Christopher Oscanyan.
Date: c1876
Extent: 1 photograph
Call number: PAN FOR GEOG - Turkey, no. 1 (E Size)

[The opening ceremony of the Vezne Kapisi (Treasury Gate) in the Imperial Topkapi Sarayi (palace)]
The opening ceremony of the Vezne Kapisi ...
Abdul-Hamid II Collection
The collection encompasses fifty-one photograph albums donated by Sultan Abdul-Hamid II to the Library of Congress in 1893. The images document schools, students, the army, the navy, factories, police stations, and lifesaving stations and crews. Also shown are mosques, tombs, libraries, fountains, palaces, Byzantine structures, and landscapes. Most images depict Istanbul and environs, but other towns within the modern boundaries of Turkey, including Bursa, are included as well as buildings in Greece, Iraq, Lebanon, and Yemen. The firm of Abdullah frères took most of the photographs. Also included are images by Sebah & Joailler, Phébus (Studio), and Turkish military photographer, Ali Riza Pasa. All images available online.
Date: 1880-1893
Extent: 1,819 photographs
Call number: LOTs 9511-9546 and 11905-11919

Panorama of Constantinople [detail]
Panorama of Constantinople ...
Panorama de Constantinople, pris de La Tour de Galata
Sebah & Joaillier created this 10-part folding panorama by photographing from the Galata Tower.
Date: 1888-1900
Extent: 1 panoramic photograph (10 photographs)
Call number: LOT 8931, no. 1 (H Size)

Photograph shows merchants with wares in shop which is open to the street, Istanbul?
Shop and merchants

Istanbul, ca. 1880-1900
The photographs depict views of Istanbul and the Bosporus, including street scenes and portraits of different ethnic groups. Most of images were taken by Sebah & Joaillier.
Date: ca. 1880-1900
Extent: 45 photographs
Call number: LOT 6984

View from a "bee-hive" village of the Arabs, northward over Haran
View from a "bee-hive"" village of the Arabs ... Haran
Stereographs of Turkey
Most of stereographs depict buildings and sites in Istanbul. Other places portrayed include Izmir (Smyrna), Troy, Sardis, Antakya, Adana, Miletus. Carpet making, sorting silk cocoons, and metalworking are also shown.
Date: ca. 1890-1920
Extent: 163 stereographs
Call number: STEREO FOREIGN GEOG FILE Turkey; and
LOT 13715-3 (2 stereographs in larger collection)

Two men and three children sitting outside ruins of what was a tower of the Thermes (thermal baths) in Bergama, Turkey
Ruins of a tower of the Thermes in Bergama
Mosques in Istanbul and archaeological sites in Bergama, Turkey and Egypt
Collection includes photographs by Pascal Sebah and Sebah & Joaillier, depicting mosques in Istanbul, especially Kariye Camii (Church of St. Saviour in Chora) and Ayasofya Camii (Hagia Sophia).
Date: 1888-1923
Extent: 134 photographs in larger collection
Call number: LOT 13554

Archaeological sites and buildings in the Middle East, 1860-1914
These photographs by unidentified photographers depict a sarcophagus in the Ottoman Museum, bird's-eye views of Istanbul, and the gate of the Ciragan Palace.
Date: 1860-1914
Extent: 5 photographs in larger collection
Call number: LOT 13560

Turkish café--a street scene in Candia, Crete
Turkish café--a street scene in Candia, Crete
Greco-Turkish War
The stereographs by J. F. Jarvis of the Greco-Turkish War of 1897 show soldiers, refugees, ruins, and other scenes in Crete and Greece.
Date: 1897
Extent: 51 stereographs
Call number: LOT 11678

Kurdish chief, full-length portrait, standing, facing front]
Kurdish chief, full-length portrait
Buildings, archaeological sites, portraits of people, and street scenes in Egypt, Istanbul, and Tunisia, 1870-1920
This group includes photographs by Abdullah frères, C.D. Arnold, Guilliame Berggren, M. Iranian and Basil Kargopoulo depicting buildings and sites in Istanbul such as mosques, palaces, and bird's-eye views of the city. Also includes images of soldiers drilling and portraits.
Date: 1870-1920
Extent: 53 photographs in a larger collection
Call number: LOT 13549

Frank and Frances Carpenter Collection
Frank and Frances Carpenter collected these photographs to illustrate their travel books. Collection includes the following:
[Baker standing in front of the "American Bakery" which displays signs in Armenian, Ladino (in Hebrew characters), English, Ottoman Turkish, Greek and Russian with samples of bread attached to the mullions, Ortaköy, Istanbul, Turkey]
Baker standing in front of the "American Bakery", Istanbul
Carpenter Collection: Turkey
Photographs show mosques, palaces, objects in the Imperial Ottoman Museum, street scenes in Istanbul and on the Bosporus, Smyrna (Izmir), Ephesus, and some scenes of village life. Also included are portraits of Sultan Abdul-Hamid II, the Turkish delegation at Lausanne in 1923, Atatürk with his wife, Armenian Patriarch Haroutian, Turkish students, Armenians, and other ethnic groups. Photographs were taken by Abdullah frères, Sebah & Joaillier and others.
Date: ca. 1870-1923
Extent: 213 photographs
Call number: LOT 11462
Mr. Carpenter enters the American Consulate in Constantinople
Mr. Carpenter enters the American Consulate in Constantinople
Carpenter Collection: European pictures, 1923 trip
The "Constantinople, Turkey" section of this album includes photographs taken or collected by the Carpenters during a trip to Istanbul in 1923. Photographs show street scenes, people, buildings, ships and boats on Bosporus, the American Consulate, American diplomats, the Sultan's procession to mosque on Friday for prayers, and Turkish schoolgirls racing.
Date: 1923
Extent: 108 photographs in larger collection
Call number: LOT 5808, nos. 1333-1436, 1615-1619

Carpenter Collection: Photograph album of Middle East
Photographs in this album were taken or collected by the Carpenters during a trip to the Middle East in 1909-1910(?). They depict buildings, people, and street scenes in Istanbul, San Stefano (Yesilköy), the Bosporus, the "sweet waters of Asia", Smyrna (Izmir), and Ephesus.
Date: 1909-1910(?)
Extent: 47 photographs in larger collection
Call number: LOT 5805

Carpenter Collection: Russian refugees and emigrants to European countries, 1919-1931
The American Red Cross took these photographs in 1919 of Russian refugees on ships and on Proti Island, near Istanbul.
Date: 1919-1931
Extent: 15 photographs in larger collection
Call number: LOT 11470-2

Front view of St. Cross Monastery of Varak [i.e, Varagavank], in Van
Front view of St. Cross Monastery of Varak, Van
This group includes photographs depicting Armenian churches and monasteries in Mus, Van, and Bitlis copyrighted by Vartan Hampikian, and Turkish soldiers in Çorlu. Also included are color photochrom prints of mosques and other sites in Istanbul.
Date: ca. 1900-1923
Extent: 39 photographs and prints
Call number: FOREIGN GEOG FILE Turkey

Amassia with its great natural defenses
Buildings, archaeological sites, street scenes, and portraits of people in the Middle East
These stereographs by Underwood & Underwood mostly depict street scenes, palaces, mosques and other sites in Istanbul, including a "patriotic procession." Other images show views of Trabzon and Amasya.
Date: 1908-1915
Extent: 15 stereographs
Call number: LOT 13559

The public fountain of Mihrisah Valide Sultan and Library of Hüsref Pasa, Eyüp, Istanbul
Fountain and library, Eyüp, Istanbul
Buildings in Istanbul, Ottoman Empire
Most of these photographs were taken by Ottoman military photographer Ali Riza Pasa and depict mosques and other buildings in Istanbul. One image of Robert College is also included.
Date: 1880-1910
Extent: 12 photographs
Call number: LOT 13574

Turkish soldiers, Gallipoli
Turkish soldiers, Gallipoli
George Grantham Bain Collection
These photographs were taken or collected by the Bain News Service and depict Near East Relief activities for Armenians and Greeks, Turkish troops, the Ottoman parliament, the Turco-Italian War, and World War I. Also shown are Ottoman military and government officials including Abdul-Hamid II, Enver Pasa, Gabriel Noradoungian, Tevfik Pasa and Hilmi Pasa. All images are available online.
Date: ca.1900-1920
Extent: approximately 100 glass negatives and prints in larger collection
Bain Collection: News photos of the war in Turkey, 1914-1918
These World War I images portray the Gallipoli campaign, Ottoman troops, Ottoman officials in Germany and Austria, and a mass meeting in 1915 in Istanbul.
Date: 1914-1918
Extent: 15 photographs
Call number: LOT 11176
[Interior of large courtyard in Diyarbakir, Turkey]
Interior of courtyard of the Great Mosque, Diyarbakir
American Military Mission, 1919
These photographs were taken during a United States mission to Turkey, Armenia, and Georgia in 1919 led by General James G. Harbord. Images depict Ottoman troops, Arabs, Armenians and orphans greeting General Harbord; a meeting of Turkish nationalist leaders including Atatürk at Sivas, the cabinet of the Armenian Republic, and a reception for Harbord at Erzurum with dancers and wrestlers. Photographs also show buildings, street scenes, and people in Izmit, Adana, Afyon, Sivas, Erzincan, Erzurum, Diyarbakir, Mardin, Trebizond (Trabzon), Tarsus, and Kars. Yerevan and Etchmiadzin in Armenia and Batumi, Georgia are also portrayed. A caption list is included. The original negatives are located in the National Archives, in Record Group 111 (Records of the Office of the Chief Signal Officer).
Date: 1919
Extent: 100 photographs
Call number: LOT 5669
[General James Guthrie Harbord and party on horseback, returning from fortress, in background, Mardin, Turkey]
General James Guthrie Harbord and party on horseback ... Mardin
American Military Mission, 1919
The photographs were taken during an American mission to Turkey, Armenia, and Georgia in 1919 led by General James G. Harbord. A few pictures are duplicates of those in LOT 5669. Photographs show buildings, people, and street scenes in Adana, Erzurum, Erzincan, Sivas, Harput, Trebizond (Trabzon), Mardin, Tarsus, Harput, and Diyarbakir. Also depicted are Yerevan, Armenia and Tiflis and Batumi, Georgia. Images depict Kurds, Armenian refugees, railroad stations, Turkish villages, a camel caravan, bridges and the landscape.
Date: 1919
Extent: 112 photographs and 12 postcards
Call number: LOT 5675

Photograph shows group portrait of women, man and boy with dog, in front of building of sewing workshop for Russian refugees, San Stefano (Yesilköy), near Istanbul.
Sewing workshop for Russian refugees, Yesilköy
Photographs from the papers of Mark L. Bristol
The photograph albums in this collection were collected by Mark L. Bristol, naval officer and U.S. high commissioner to Turkey (1919-1927). One album depicts efforts to assist Russian refugees in Istanbul from 1920-1923. Another album of snapshots from Red Cross official Charles Clafin Davis, depicts scenes during the Greco-Turkish War (1921-1922) including the burning of Smyrna (Izmir), ruins of Turkish villages, Greek prisoners, and "General Kemal Pasha." Views of Istanbul and shore houses and boats on the Bosporus are also included. One album contains mostly portraits, some by Sebah & Joaillier. The collection is unprocessed, but is available to researchers with advanced notice. See //
Date: 1919-1926
Extent: 3 albums in larger collection
Call number: PR 13 CN 1979:077

Photograph shows government officials including Mustapha Kemal Pasha (Atatürk) (with cane) and Fevzi Pasha (Fevzi Çakmak) (to left of Atatürk) standing with cadets on road in front of buildings, Ankara, Turkey.
Military school commencement, Ankara
Photographs from the papers of Clarence K. Streit
The photographs of writer and journalist Clarence K. Streit include images related to the Turkish War of Independence (1919-1923) and the Greco-Turkish War (1921-1922). An album and other photos depict Streit's trip from Samsun on the Black Sea coast to Ankara in 1921. Also available are photographs of Atatürk, Halide Adivar Edib, and other government officials; the Turkish National Assembly, Bolshevik embassy staff, street scenes and people in Ankara, soldiers, a girl's school in Eski Sehir, war atrocities, Greek leaders, Turkish troops entering Istanbul in 1923, and photographic postcards of children, soldiers and others with Ottoman Turkish captions. Includes photographs by Turkish military photographer Essed Nedim (Esat Nedim Tengizman). Some of the photographs relate to an unpublished manuscript by Streit, "The Unknown Turks" located in the Clarence K. Streit papers held by the Library of Congress Manuscript Division. The collection is unprocessed, but is available to researchers with advance notice. See //
Date: 1920-1925?
Extent: ca. 200 photographs and 3 albums in a larger collection
Call number: PR 13 CN 1994:064

Photograph shows a group portrait of student nurses in uniform with instructors (?) seated in center.
Student nurses, American Hospital, Istanbul
American Red Cross Collection
This geographical file includes documentation of Red Cross activities including relief efforts for Russian, Armenian, Greek and other refugees, mostly in Istanbul and Proti Island after World War I. Included are images of hospitals, children, refugees, American Girls College and Robert College, street scenes, markets, mosques, Turkish and British soldiers, and American Red Cross personnel. The collection is unprocessed but is available to researchers with at least two weeks advance notice. See //
Date: ca. 1919-1923
Extent: ca. 400 in larger collection
Call numbers: PR06 CN 087
Subdivisions: Turkey, Greece, Armenia

Characters and industries, etc. Nosairiyeh of Antioch.
Nosairiyeh of Antioch
G. Eric and Edith Matson Collection, 1898-1946
This collection of primarily negatives was taken by the American Colony Photo Department and its successor, the Matson Photo Service. The images depict buildings, street scenes, and people in Ankara, Smyrna (Izmir), Alexandretta (Iskendurun), Mersin, Ephesus, Antioch (Antakya) and Cappadocia. Collection also includes other areas of the Ottoman Empire such as Palestine with images portraying Ottoman officials, soldiers, World War I, and the Red Crescent Society. All images are available online.
Date: 1898-1946
Extent: ca. 75 photos in larger collection
Call number: G. Eric and Edith Matson Photograph Collection

In the cone country. October 18th - November 18th. Urgup town.
In the cone country, Urgup
Visual materials from the papers of John D. Whiting
Whiting Collection: Trip to Cappadocia, volumes I and II
Volume I:
Volume II:
These two albums of photographs were taken by Jerusalem-based photographers John Whiting and Eric Matson during their trip to the Cappadocia region in 1935. Göreme, Ürgüp, Nevsehir, Çavusin, Soganli Dere, and other locations are depicted in these images of cave churches, frescoes, volcanic formations, and village houses. Also shown are Ankara, Kayseri, Antakya (Antioch), the Taurus mountains, and missionaries in Talas.
Date: 1935
Extent: 264 photographs in 2 albums
Call number: LOT 13837 (Vol. I) and 13838 (Vol. II)

First woman physician deputee Dr. Fatma Memik(?) with other first women deputees on tour ... with officials from municipality
First woman physician deputee Dr. Fatma Memik(?) with other first women deputees on tour ...
Ankara, Istanbul, and other localities, Turkey, 1935-ca. 1947
These photographs from the Press and Publications General Directorate of Turkey illustrate Turkey during the early Republic. Many images show women in the professions as students, or serving in the military. Also includes pictures of Atatürk and Ismet Inönü and his wife Mevhibe, children's activities, factories, universities, national holidays, and views of Ankara, Izmir, Trabzon, Amasra and Malatya. Images are captioned in Turkish with English translations.
Date:1935-ca. 1945
Extent: 100 photographs
Call number: LOT 2442

U.S. Lend-lease supplies in Turkey
Photographs show crates containing bombs, trench mortars and mountings, Turkish soldiers loading material on freight cars, and dock and harbor views in Iskenderun, Turkey. Date: 1943-1944?
Extent: 17 photographs
Call number: LOT 5497
Life, industry, and the arts in modern Turkey
These images mostly of Ankara and Istanbul depict buildings, street scenes, classrooms, harvesting machinery, mining, shipping, sports, art classes, theatrical and opera productions, and military activity.
Date: before 1953
Extent: 88 photographs
Call number: LOT 6268
Photograph showing a group of Gönen villagers gathered in a shelter around a small stove after an earthquake destroyed their home in Turkey.
Villagers after earthquake, Gönen
New York World Telegram and Sun Newspaper Photograph Collection
The Subject/Geographic File of this newspaper photograph morgue includes images of locations such as Izmir, Ephesus, Ankara, and Adana in addition to covering topics such as the Turkish military, government, buildings, earthquakes, and censuses, U.S. relations with Turkey, political events, elections, and civil unrest.
Date: 1900-1970
Extent: Approximately 116 folders of photographs in larger collection
Call number: NYWTS-SUBJ/GEOG Turkey
Photograph shows Sabiha Gokcen, half-length portrait, seated, facing left, in New York as an escort with Turkish air cadets participating in an Air Force Civil Air Patrol exchange program.
Pilot Sabiha Gökçen
The Biographical File of this newspaper photograph morgue contains portraits of Turkish politicians, diplomats, military leaders, and public figures such as President Cemal Gursel, UN ambassador Selim Sarper, aviator Sabiha Gökçen, writer and feminist Halide Adivar Edib, and opera singer Leyla Gencer. Date: ca. 1920-1967
Extent: Approximately 140 folders of photographs in larger collection
Call number: NYWTS-BIOG [name]

Look Magazine Photograph Collection
The photograph morgue of Look magazine includes:

Look Collection: Adlai Stevenson in Turkey
Photographs depict Adlai Stevenson in Turkey, including a visit with students in Ankara.
Date: 1953
Extent: 4 contact sheets
Call number: LOOK - Job 53-2394

Look Collection: Americans in Turkey
Photographs show social and domestic activities of an American Air Force captain and his family living in Izmir.
Date: 1953
Extent: 45 contact sheets
Call number: LOOK - Job 57-7370

Look Collection: Major Sabiha Gökçen
Photographs show Turkish Air Force officer Sabiha Gökçen and other military personnel and a military awards ceremony.
Date: 1953
Extent: 8 contact sheets
Call number: LOOK - Job 53-2487

Look Collection: Conrad Hilton hotel (Istanbul)
Photographs document the opening of the Hilton Hotel in Istanbul.
Date: 1955
Extent: 9 contact sheets
Call number: LOOK - Job 55-6054

Look Collection: Turkey
Photographs show an American(?) family visiting archaeological site of Pergamon (Bergama).
Date: 1957
Extent: 50 color slides
Call number: LOOK - Job 57-7377

Look Collection: Cyprus
Photographs by Thomas Koeniges show Turkish civilians and soldiers during conflicts between Greek and Turkish factions in Ghaziveran, Cyprus.
Date: 1964
Extent: 58 negatives
Call number: LOOK - Job 64-1782

Photograph shows men with carts pulled by cattle in front of buildings, Erzurum, Turkey. The conical roof of the tomb of the Çifte Minaret Madrasa is in background.
Carts, Erzurum
Views, peoples, activities of Cyprus ... Turkey
Color slides by National Geographic Society writer and photographer Maynard Owen Williams that depict buildings, street scenes, and activities mostly in Istanbul. A few images show other cities and towns such as Erzurum and vicinity, and also Fatsa, Sivrihisari, Amasya, Izmir, Bergama (Pergamon), Ürgüp, Antakya (Antioch), Silifke, and Afyon and environs. Three images depict the celebration of the 500th year since the Ottoman conquest of Istanbul.
Date: 1953
Extent: 45 color slides in larger collection
Call number: LOT 8765

Photograph shows man flailing hazelnuts as women work in background.
Flailing hazelnuts, Fatsa
U.S. and foreign people, events and views
Color slides taken by National Geographic Society writer and photographer Maynard Owen Williams depicting buildings, street scenes, and activities in Istanbul including Eyüp and the Bosporus. Two slides show student demonstrations during the political unrest in the spring of 1960. A few images portray other places in Anatolia including people flailing hazel nuts in Fatsa, the Black Sea coast, and Manavgat River.
Date: 1945-1960
Extent: 107 color slides in larger collection
Call number: LOT 9299

US News & World Report Collection
Extent: about 16 contact sheets

This collection includes photographs taken for the US News & World Report magazine by staff photographers:

USN&WR Collection: Photographs of visit of President Dwight D. Eisenhower to Ankara, 1959
Call number: LC-U9-3525 to LC-U9-31

USN&WR Collection: Street scenes in Ankara, 1969
Call number: LC-U9-20937-LC-U9-20942

USN&WR Collection: Portraits of Prime Minister Demirel, 1969
Call number: LC-U9-20842

USN&WR Collection: Deputy Premier Fatin Rustu Zorlu, 1955
Call number: LC-U9-216

Illustrated Books and Periodicals

Print shows interior of gynaeceum of Ayasofya Mosque, formerly the Church of Hagia Sophia; with groups of men, women, and children in traditional dress.
Interior, Ayasofya Mosque, Istanbul
Aya Sofia Constantinople, as recently restored by the order of H.M. the Sultan Abdul Medjid
This book is comprised of color lithographs by English lithographer Louis Haghe after drawings by Chevalier Gaspard Fossati. The plates depict the interior and exterior of the mosque of Ayasofya (formerly the Byzantine church of Hagia Sophia), after its restoration in 1847-1849. Included in the book are panoramic views of Istanbul from Ayasofya's minarets. The text is in French. All images are available online.
Date: 1852
Extent: 26 color lithographs
Call number: NA 5870.S3F8 (Case Y)

Illustration showing sculptures of large figures, possibly Hittite gods, on rock wall at Gavurkale, Turkey.
Hittite sculpture, Gavurkale
Exploration archéologique de la Galatie et de la Bithynie (Archaeological exploration in Galatia and Bithnyia)
This two volume book was written by Georges Perrot, a member of an archaeological expedition to Anatolia in 1861. Images depict ruins, tombs, bas-reliefs, antiquities, and towns in northwest and central Anatolia. Locations include Ankara, Amasya, Cappadocia, Hattusas (Bogazköy), Mysia, and Cyzicus. Photographs were taken by Jules Delbert. Text is in French.
Date: 1862-1872
Extent: 80 plates (engravings, lithographs, and reproductions of photographs)
Call number: DS155.P46 (Case Y)

[Studio portrait of models wearing traditional clothing from the province of Koniah (Konya), Ottoman Empire]
Studio portrait of models wearing traditional clothing from the province of Konya
Les costumes populaires de la Turquie en 1873 (The popular costumes of Turkey in 1873)
This book was written by artist and museum director Osman Hamdi Bey for the Vienna Exhibition of 1873. It includes photogravures made from photographs taken by Pascal Sebah depicting models wearing traditional clothing from all areas of the Ottoman Empire including the Balkans, Greece, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, and Iraq. Portrayed are the clothing of different religious and ethnic groups such as Jews, Kurds, and Armenians, and diverse occupations and social classes. Text is in French. All images are available online.
Date: 1873
Extent: 74 photogravures
Call number: GT1267 .H2 (Case Y)

Illustration showing two pillar tombs at Xanthos, chief city of ancient Lycia, now Günük, Turkey. Tomb on left is known as the "Harpy tomb."
Pillar tombs at Xanthos (Günük)
Reisen im südwestlichen Kleinasien (Journey in southwestern Asia Minor)
Images depict antiquities, ruins, tombs, and inscriptions in southwest Anatolia. Locations include Termessos, Halicarnassus, Xanthos, Milas, Patara, Myra, and Kibyra. Also shown are some aspects of village life including a woman weaving, homes, town views, and portraits of people. Photographs were taken by Burger, Felix von Luschan, and A. Pisani. Text is in German.
Date: 1884-1889
Extent: Volume 1: 47 plates (collotypes) and 89 other reproductions of engravings and photographs; Volume 2: 40 plates (collotypes) and 112 reproductions of engravings and photographs
Call number: DS155.R4 (Case Y)

This album of photomechanical prints shows buildings and sites in Istanbul and portraits of soldiers and Ottoman officials. Included are reproductions of photographs by Abdullah frères and Sebah & Joaillier. Captions are in Ottoman Turkish.
Date: 1894
Extent: 34 photomechanical prints
Call number: LOT 6983

Cartoon shows a large man wearing a fez who is crying while leaning against a tombstone.
Cartoon from Djém
Djém: revue politique, humoristique et satirique illustrée (Cem: haftalik musavver mizah mecmuasidir)
This political satirical periodical was edited and illustrated with caricatures and cartoons by Cemil Cem (1882-1950). Text is in Ottoman Turkish and French.
Date: 1912
Extent: 1 issue
Call number: DR584.C4 (Case X)

[Cartoon showing Karagöz behind a counter giving rings to woman who is placing them around her skirt, while her sister-in-law stands behind her]
Cartoon from Karagöz
A political satirical periodical edited and illustrated with caricatures and cartoons by Ali Fuad Erden. Text is in Ottoman Turkish.
Date: ca. 1914
Extent: 39 issues
Call number: DR584.K37 (Case Y)

Lithograph showing a semi-circular ceramic tympanum with Arabic inscription over the door of the Tomb of Sultan Selim II, Istanbul.
Tomb of Sultan Selim II
L'art Islamique en Orient
Book by architect Alexandre Raymond includes color lithographs depicting architectural details of mosques, madrasahs, tombs, and other buildings in Bursa, Konya, Sivas, Istanbul, and other locations. Details such as doors, windows, inscriptions, minarets, mihrabs, and minbars are shown. Text is in French.
Date: 1922-1924
Extent: 60 color lithographs
Call number: N6261.R3 (Case Y)

Turkish girls marching in formation.
Turkish girls under the Republic
Fotografla Türkiye (Turkey in Pictures)
A book of rotogravure prints showing cities and towns including Ankara, Istanbul, Bursa, Yalova, Tarsus, Konya, Kütahya, Bergama, and other places. Also portrayed are archaeological sites, schools, factories, agricultural activities, and children's activities. Captions are in English, French, German, and Turkish.
Date: 1949
Extent: 175 rotogravures
Call number: LOT 4256

Mimar Sinan yapilari (The buildings of Mimar Sinan)
A portfolio of reproductions of architectural drawings by Ali Saim Ülgen that depict mosques and other buildings designed by Ottoman architect Mimar Sinan.
Date: 1989
Extent: 2 portfolios (266 plates) (reproductions of architectural drawings)
Call number: NA1373.S5 A4 1989 (Case Z)


Constantinopolitanae urbis effigies ad vivum expressa, Constantinopolis
This etching shows a bird's-eye view of Constantinople with features identified by number. Date: 1650
Extent: 1 etching.
Call number: PGA - van den Hoeye--Constantinopolitanae urbis ... (B size)

Amin Bey. The first Turkish envoy from the Sultan of Constantinople to the United States
This lithograph depicts diplomat Amin Bey.
Date: c1851
Extent: 1 lithograph
Call number: PGA-Wight, M.--Amin Bey ... (A size)

One of the wards of the hospital at Scutari.
One of the wards of the hospital at Scutari
One of the wards of the hospital at Scutari
Hospital and cemetery at Scutari
Two lithographs portraying the hospital and cemetery at Scutari (Üsküdar), Istanbul during the Crimean War.
Date: 1856
Extent: 2 lithographs
Call number: PGA - Day & Son--One of the wards ... (B size)
Call number: PGA - Day & Son--Hospital and cemetery at Scutari (C size)

[View of the city, Bursa, Turkey]
View of the city, Bursa
Views of people and sites in Turkey, ca. 1890-ca. 1900
Color photochrom prints depict mosques, bridges, fountains, cemeteries, street views, cityscapes, landscapes, and waterfronts, mostly in Istanbul, the Bosporus and environs. Also included are several images of Bursa. All images are available online.
Date: ca. 1890-ca. 1900
Extent: 44 photochrom prints
Call number: LOT 13428

Print shows Kaiser Wilhelm II (second from left with German and Ottoman officials at the Dardenelles fortifications after the Gallipoli campaign, Turkey.
Kaiser Wilhelm II at Gallipoli
The central powers in World War I, 1914-1918
German photomechanical prints depict the activities of Turkish troops during World War I in Gallipoli, Bulgaria, Palestine, Damascus, the Sinai, and Anatolia. Also portrayed is the Kaiser speaking with German nurses in Istanbul and Sultan Mohammed VI. Captions are in German.
Date: 1914-1918
Extent: 16 photomechanical prints in larger collection
Call number: LOT 7676

H.I.M. the Halifa Mohamed Rashad V. opens the Ottoman Parliament
H.I.M. the Halifa Mohamed Rashad V. opens the Ottoman Parliament
Cairo Punch
Color lithographs depict battles and events including the Turco-Italian War, the Balkan wars, and the Turkish War of Independence. Also included are portraits of Ottoman sultans and Atatürk, and the Ottoman parliament. Captions are in Arabic and English.
Date: 1908-1922
Extent: 80 color lithographs
Call number: LOT 8196

Print shows "Abdullah Frères" text surrounded by ornamented border with tugra of Sultan Abdul Hamid II.
Abdullah Frères
Miscellaneous samples ... of job-printing, 1870-1924
This German study collection of printing includes examples from the Ottoman Empire such as advertisements, stationary samples, and calendars many by the Istanbul printing firm of Imprimerie Ebuzzia, run by writer and publisher Ebüzziya Tevfik.
Date: 1870-1924
Extent: ca. 30 prints in larger collection
Call number: LOT 4123


Poster shows bird building a nest, in front of a building.
Poster by Ihap Hulusi Görey
General posters
Posters dating from 1930 to 1970 are about tourism, public health, banking, the Izmir world fair, and other topics. Also included are advertisements for products such as soap and alcoholic drinks and an anti-Soviet propaganda poster. Some posters are by well-known Turkish illustrator Ihap Hulusi Görey.
Date: ca. 1930-1970
Extent: 41 posters
Call number: POS - Turkey

Turkish election posters
A collection of election posters from various political parties including the Dogru Yol Partisi (True Path Party), the Sosyal Demokrat Halci Partisi (Social Democrat Populist Party), and the Yeni Kibris Partisi (New Cyprus Party). The collection is unprocessed, but is available to researchers with advance notice. See //
Date: 1991
Extent: 31 posters
Call number: PR 13 CN 2009:019


Postcard showing the Tokatlian Hotel on the Bosphorus at Therapia (Tarabya).
Tokatlian Hotel, Tarabya
Photographic and print postcards depict mosques, palaces and other buildings, street scenes, ruins, people, and institutions such as Robert College, mostly in Istanbul. A series copyrighted by H. (Hovsep) H. Asadoorian of Turkish scenes such as a coffee house and villagers, and images of Izmir (Smyrna) and Ephesus are also included. The collection is unprocessed, but is available to researchers with advance notice. See //
Date: ca. 1900-1950
Extent: 179
Call number: PR 06 CN 038: Box 44 (print postcards); Box 73 (photographic postcards); Box 92 (Architecture)


The christian amazon, with her invincible target, Alias, the focus of genial rays, or Dian of the Rushes, to much for 300,000, Infide
Catherine II of Russia and Sultan Selim III
Most cartoons about Turkey are by American and European artists such as Clifford Kennedy Berryman and James Gillray and concern relations between Turkey and other countries. Included are cartoons showing World Wars I and II and conflicts with Russia. Three drawings by Turkish cartoonist and satirist Salih Memecan are also available.
Date: 1780-1979 (most are from the 20th century)
Extent: ca. 100-200
Call numbers: Cartoons are found in PC 1 (British Cartoons Collection), SWANN (Caroline and Erwin Swann Collection of Caricature and Cartoon), CD 1 (Cartoon Drawings Collection), LOT 13153 (Alfred Bendiner Memorial Collection) and in other collections.

Prepared by: Arden Alexander, Prints & Photographs Division. Last updated: September 2009.

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