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Periodicals and Journals: LGBTQ+ Studies Research Guide

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These journals and periodicals listed below are available for use on-site at the Library of Congress via the Main Reading Room (these items may also be obtained at any of the General Collections Reading Rooms). You may request these resources in advance using the online catalog. Note: In order to request items from the Library's collections, you will need a Reader Identification Card and a password.

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Many of these items are also available online and are accessible from any Library of Congress research center using a public workstation or your personal computer or mobile device connected to the Library's free wireless service.

20th Century

Christopher Street
Beginning in 1976, the Christopher Street magazine provided quality literary content to the gay community. The pages of Christopher Street featured fiction, non-fiction, satire, poetry, news, book reviews, and photography.
Chrysalis: The Journal of Transgressive Gender Identities: (Initially Chrysalis Quarterly)
Each issue (of 12) looks at a different theme, examining closely gender discrimination, transitioning, hormonone therapy, health care, and more.
The Ladder
Associated with the Daughters of Bilitis, The Ladder is considered to be the first US lesbian publication to reach national distribution. Editors have included Phyllis Lyon, Barbara Gittings, Del Martin, and Barbara Grier. Publication began in 1956 and the final issue was completed in 1972.
Gay Power
Gay Power provided important coverage of gay liberation and activism, including the Snakepit incident and the Stonewall uprising.
Drum: Sex in Perspective
Publication began in October of 1964 and content included: Physique photography, campy comics, news stories, editorials, and reviews. Considered one of the more radical gay periodicals of the time, Drum challenged respectability politics with a renewed radicalism.
Mattachine Review
The Mattachine Society was one of the first gay rights organizations. Their literary arm, The Mattachine Review began publication in 1955. Content includes original essays, poetry, book reviews, and more.
Out/Look: National Lesbian & Gay Quarterly.
Publication began in 1988. Out/Look published articles about issues faced within LGBTQ+ communities. It is notable that donations to fund the start of the magazine were collected at the March on Washington.
Vanguard Magazine.
Vanguard Magazine was created by LGBTQ+ youth from the Tenderloin district in San Francisco. Many topics are covered here that you will not find in mainstream publications. Topics include: violence against LGBTQ+ individuals and communities, police brutality, drug addiction, and various forms of discrimination.
Turnabout: Magazine of Transvestism.
Published quarterly by Abbe De Choisy Press, New York City. This magazine accepted submissions of various kinds but also had an editioral board. Topics range from dealing with social stimga to proper makeup application. Publication began in 1963.

Recent Topics and Emerging Scholarship

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