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Benefits to Clients

The major direct benefits provided by the Federal Research Division program include:

  • Research staff expert at exploiting the vast resources of the Library of Congress.
  • Use of Library of Congress specialists familiar with reliable literature and official sources of information on nations and topics in the area of interest.
  • Direct interaction with Library of Congress staff knowledgeable about geographic areas and political, economic, societal, technological, environmental, judicial, and military developments.
  • Professional and technical contacts with senior researchers and language, area, and subject specialists at one of the nation's leading research institutions.
  • Access to staff expert at exploiting the on-line resources of the Library of Congress and other electronic information sources worldwide.
  • Experienced research capabilities necessary to retrieve and analyze relevant information from publications and provide it in an organized fashion.
  • The Federal Research Division's staff includes area specialists who average more than fifteen or more years experience of research on such topics as automation, foreign language research and translation, law, national security, intelligence, command/control, military, history, leadership and biographics, culture, politics, science and technology, infrastructure, transportation, the environment, medicine and health, psychological operations, low-intensity conflict, arms control, peace operations, terrorism, counterterrorism, economy, industry, and other subjects.
  • FRD is 100 percent cost recovery and cannot, by law, make a profit. Only direct labor salaries and benefits, non-labor costs such as travel, fee-based on-line services, special subscriptions, etc., and overhead can be charged.

For more information about benefits to FRD's clients, please contact us at [email protected].

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  July 16, 2010
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