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Webcast related to the Hebraic Section ( 2011 - 2014)


October 22, 2014
Yiddish Songs of the Jazz Age
Jane Peppler sings funny and nostalgic Yiddish songs from the 1920s and 1930s.

August 14, 2014
Introducing the Ethiopian Academy of Sciences
Masresha Fetene and his colleagues founded the Ethiopian Academy of Sciences in 2010 based on the belief that a strong scientific community strengthens nations by enabling citizens to address critical economic, environmental and social issues in systematic and effective ways. The primary objective of the Academy is to promote scientific culture in Ethiopia by nurturing interest and curiosity in science. The goal is to ultimately produce a scientifically and technologically literate and informed citizenry so that people can make informed and better decisions on issues that have bearing on their day-to-day lives. It also aspires to see Ethiopia at the forefront of science and technology.

July 22, 2014
The Iranian Talmud: Reading the Talmud in its Sasanian Context
Although the Babylonian Talmud, or Bavli, has been a text central and vital to the Jewish canon since the Middle Ages, the context in which it was produced has been poorly understood. Delving deep into Sasanian material culture and literary remains, Shai Secunda pieces together the dynamic world of late antique Iran, providing an unprecedented and accessible overview of the world that shaped the Bavli. Secunda unites the fields of Talmudic scholarship with Old Iranian studies to enable a fresh look at the heterogeneous religious and ethnic communities of pre-Islamic Iran. He analyzes the intercultural dynamics between the Jews and their Persian Zoroastrian neighbors, exploring the complex processes and modes of discourse through which these groups came into contact and considering the ways in which rabbis and Zoroastrian priests perceived one another.

July 17, 2014
The Ethiopian Orthodox Tawahido Church
Ephraim Isaac discussed his book about the history of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tawahido Church and also that of Christianity as a whole in Ethiopia. Not only are there strong Biblical Hebraic elements in the theology, political theory, and liturgical calendar of the Ethiopian Church but there is also a strong influence from Beta Israel and Ethiopian Jews. Besides these Ethiopian Jews and of course, the Orthodox Ethiopians and a few Protestant and roman Catholic Ethiopian Christians, there are in Ethiopia also very large numbers of Moslems and various native beliefs.

June 16, 2014
Kolot Halev in Concert: My Soul Longs for You
The Kolot Halev Choir featured music from the rich Jewish Russian tradition.

May 19, 2014
The Tenement Saga
Sanford Sternlicht discussed his book, "The Tenement Saga." He tells the story of his own childhood in New York City's Lower East Side and puts it within the context of 14 early 20th-century East Side writers. Anzia Yezierska, Abraham Cahan, Michael Gold, Henry Roth and others defined this new "Jewish homeland" and paved the way for the later great Jewish American novelists.

February 10, 2014
Black Pearls Restrung: Hebrew and Yiddish Artists' Books at the Library of Congress
Like their counterparts in other languages, artists' books in Hebrew and Yiddish embrace the new, the innovative; and they achieve their artistic vision in ways that range from the cutting edge of technology to a mastery of book arts planted firmly in the traditions of the past. In this talk, Ann Brener casts a curator's eye over the Hebraic artist's books in the Library of Congress and sketches various trends and historical processes in the development of the collections.

November 22, 2013
Poetry Reading: Star of David
Rick Black reads from his book of poems, "Star of David."

September 24, 2013
Poetry Reading by Merrill Leffler
Merrill Leffler speaks about his new book, "Mark the Music."

September 17, 2013
The Jewish Reception of Copernican Thought
In his book, "New Heavens and a New Earth: The Jewish Reception of Copernican Thought," Jeremy Brown describes the long history of the very Jewish responses to Copernicus's sun-centered system where the moving earth was viewed by many as conflicting with the tenants of the Jewish faith.

August 27, 2013
Prayers of a Heretic: A Poetry Reading
A reading by Yermiyahu Ahron Taub from his fourth book of poems, "Prayers of a Heretic," which explores the act of heresy and the condition of displacement refracted through the language of poetry and prayer. The title character has left the Orthodox Jewish world of his youth but remains engaged with his heritage and, in particular, the practice of prayer, albeit of a less traditional kind. Many of the poems in the collection celebrate reading, books and libraries as avenues for refuge and personal reconfiguration.

June 3, 2013
Becoming Frum: How Newcomers Learn the Language & Culture of Orthodox Judaism

In her book, "Becoming Frum: How Newcomers Learn the Language and Culture of Orthodox Judaism," Sarah Bunin Benor describes how newly orthodox Jews have to adopt not only the laws and customs, but also new speech patterns.

May 31, 2013
Following a Dream: The Beta Israel Then & Now
Nili Auerbach discussed the historical background of the Beta Israel (Ethiopian Jewish) community, their extraordinary journey to and rescue by the State of Israel, their acclimation to a dramatically different country, and ultimately their current progress and efforts to acquire higher education.

May 23, 2013
Significance of the Religious Experience
Howard Wettstein speaks on his new book "The Significance of the Religious Experience."

May 13, 2013
The Life and Times of Hank Greenberg
Aviva Kempner talked and showed film clips from a new special DVD edition of "The Life and Times of Hank Greenberg."

May 1, 2013
Prophet in a Time of Priests
In celebration of Jewish American Heritage Month, Janice Rothschild Blumberg discussed her new book "Prophet in a Time of Priests."

March 18, 2013
Lady at the O.K. Corral: The True Story of Josephine Marcus Earp
Ann Kirschner discussed her new book, "Lady at the O.K. Corral: The True Story of Josephine Marcus Earp."

February 26, 2013
Sapphires in Song: Zemer Chai Jewish Choir
The Zemer Chai Jewish Choir performed in conjunction with the Library exhibition "Words Like Sapphires."

December 4, 2012
Into the Light: The Healing Art of Kalman Aron
An illustrated lecture by Susan Beilby Magee about her new book on Holocaust survivor Kalman Aron.

November 28, 2012
We Are Here: Memories of the Lithuanian Holocaust
Ellen Cassedy discusses her new book, "We Are Here: Memories of the Lithuanian Holocaust."

November 19, 2012
Arise! Arise! Deborah, Ruth & Hannah
An illustrated lecture by artist and calligrapher, Debra Band, on the publication of her new book "Arise! Arise! Deborah, Ruth and Hannah."

November 6, 2012
The Fabric of America through the Art of Arthur Szyk
An illustrated lecture on the art of Arthur Szyk by Irvin Ungar.

November 5, 2012
100 Years of Hebrew Poetry
Poet and anthologist Peter Cole reads from his poems and discusses the history of Hebrew poetry.

October 25, 2012
The Jewish Book Since the Invention of Printing
A lecture by Dr. Emile Schrijver on the history of the Jewish book since the invention of printing.

September 6-7, 2012
The Stations That Spoke Your Language: Radio and the Yiddish American Cultural Renaissance
Leading Yiddish language and culture experts joined media scholars and Library of Congress specialists to address Yiddish radio in America: its history and cultural impact, its continuing influence on American media, and its multifaceted legacy.
(Day 1) (Day 2, Morning) (Day 2, Afternoon)

August 21, 2012
From Spanish Court to Ottoman Palace
Ann Brener discusses Hebrew books from the 16th century in the collections of the Library of Congress.

June 25, 2012
Heaven on Earth: A Tour of Solomon's Temple through Near Eastern Eyes
Victor Avigdor Hurowitz presented "Heaven on Earth: A Tour of Solomon's Temple Through Ancient Near Eastern Eyes."

May 3, 2012
No One's Son
Documentary filmmaker, Tewodros "Teddy" Fekadu has lived in five countries and three continents, ultimately journeying from Eritrea and Ethiopia to the Gold Coast of Australia. His life spans war, family love, the Catholic Church, homelessness, three years of detention in Japan, and finally a country to call home and the creation of his own company.

May 2, 2012
Jews and Theater in an Intercultural Context
Dr. Edna Nahshon will speak about her new book, "Jews and Theater in an Intercultural Context."

April 19, 2012
The Heart Has Reasons: Holocaust Rescuers & Their Stories of Courage
Mark Klempner spoke about people he interviewed for his book, "The Heart Has Reasons: Holocaust Rescuers and Their Stories of Courage."

April 18, 2012
The First Modern Jew: Spinoza and the History of an Image
Daniel B. Schwartz discusses his new book, "The First Modern Jew: Spinoza and the History of an Image."

March 27, 2012
A Concert of Ladino Music: Flory Jagoda
In celebration of Women's History Month, the Library presented a concert of Ladino music with Flory Jagoda in performance with Tiffani Ferrantelli and Zhenya Tochenaya.

March 22, 2012
A Momentous One Hundred Years: Ancient Ethiopia, 520-620 A.D.
Hailu Habtu discusses the critical century of 520-620 A.D. in Ethiopia.

March 21, 2012
Jews on Trial: The Papal Inquisition in Modena, 1598-1638
Katherine Aron-Beller will be speaking about her book on the Modena inquisition of 1598-1638.

March 6, 2012
In the Mediterranean Mode: Israeli Women Composers
Ronit Seter discussed Israeli woman composers Shulamit Ran, Betty Olivero and Chaya Czernowin.

November 10, 2011
Joseph in Africa: The Story of a Story
Morgan Johnson presents the illustrated lecture, "Joseph in Africa: A 3,000 Year Story of a Story Retold in the Multi-ethnic Continent of Africa."

October 4, 2011
The Three Waves of Jewish Migration to China, 1845-1940
Liliane Willens discussed "The Three Waves of Jewish Migration to China, 1845-1940."

June 7, 2011
Poet Yermiyahu Ahron Taub
Yermiyahu Ahron Taub reads from his new book of poetry, "Uncle Feygele," which explores the issues encountered by gay Orthodox Jews. He follows up with questions from the audience regarding the book and translating between English and Yiddish.

May 17, 2011
Emile Berliner & the Birth of the Recording Industry
Emile Berliner (1851-1929) was a German-born immigrant whose inventions contributed to the birth of the recording industry. A largely self-educated man, Berliner was responsible for the development of the microphone, the flat recording disc and the gramophone player. Often overlooked by today's historians, Berliner's creative genius rivaled that of his better-known contemporaries Thomas Alva Edison and Alexander Graham Bell. Like the works of these two inventors, Berliner's innovations helped shape the modern American way of life. Berliner's life, work and connection to Washington, D.C., where he lived for many years, is the subject of a talk by Samuel Brylawski and Karen Lund.

May 5, 2011
Women Against Tyranny: Poems of the Resistance During the Holocaust
Davi Walders speaks about her new book, "Women Against Tyranny: Poems of Resistance During the Holocaust."

April 13, 2011
Jews & Magic in Medici Florence
With work published widely in the course of his 30 years of archival research in Florence, Edward Goldberg founded the Medici Archive Project to provide worldwide public access to the historical data in the Medici Granducal Archive through a fully searchable database. Established by Grand Duke Cosimo I in 1569, the archive of the Medici Grand Dukes offers the most complete record of any princely regime in Renaissance and Baroque Europe. The 3 million letters contained in more than 6,000 volumes richly document more than 200 years of human history (1537-1743). Through introducing his latest publication, "Jews and Magic in Medici Florence," Goldberg outlines Medici Florence and the culmination of his study on the topic.

April 4, 2011
Arthur Szyk and His Passover Haggadah
Irvin Ungar discusses Polish-Jewish artist Arthur Szyk and his haggadah created in the stunning style of medieval illuminated manuscripts.

March 31, 2011
Coffee, Culture and Intellectual Property Rights: The Case of Ethiopia
Heran Sereke-Berhan discusses coffee and intellectual property rights in Ethiopia

March 23, 2011
Joel ben Simeon & the Washington Haggadah
David Stern and Katrin Kogman-Appel discuss the 1478 Washington Haggadah illustrated by Joel ben Simeon, among the most gifted and prolific scribe-artists in the history of the Jewish book.

March 15, 2011
Education of Jewish Girls in Tsarist Russia
Eliyana Adler discusses her new book, "In Her Hands: The Education of Jewish Girls in Tsarist Russia."


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