Photo, Print, Drawing "I go to Boston, get education, then come back to New York and make lots of money," said 12 year old Joe Hajjar as he took the train for the Hub to meet his daddy, who was found for him by the A.R.C. Joe is the sturdy American youngster who for the last six years has been making his own way in Syria following the death from hunger in that war-stricken country of his mother, brother and baby sister. Joe watched all his loved one die and then tramped about the country, at various times being with the Turkish, German, English and American forces. He is thoroughly familiar with the drill regulations of all these armies, speaks six languages and has the composure of a Major-General. Born in New York City, Joe's parents moved to Boston where the father prospered. In 1914 Joe's mother took her two boys back to Syria to visit their grandfather. A baby girl was born a few days after her arrival at Beirut Joe finally landed in the A.R.C. orphanage near and through the Red Cross succeeded in getting in touch with his father in Boston. He arrived here on the Nieu Amsterdam a few days ago in the company of a Red Cross worker. "I kneel down and pray hard to God whenever I was lonely and hungry," is the way Joe explains how he withstood the hardships digital file from original

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