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RDA changes to CIP data

The Library of Congress has begun the gradual implementation of a new cataloging code, Resource Description and Access (RDA). Training of cataloging staff began June 2012 and will conclude March 2013. Beginning April 2013, all bibliographic data will be catalogued according to RDA instructions.

RDA will allow greater flexibility in transcribing data and providing access to persons named in published works. Please note that the greater flexibility in RDA may impact the appearance of your CIP data. For example, a cataloger may decide how many names are given in statement of responsibility (names of authors and other “creators” or contributors listed on the title page) and how capitalization will be used when recording titles. The cataloger can also determine how many access points to provide for additional authors/editors. View examples of RDA changes to CIP data.

  • Main author field: Current practice: first-named author if no more than three, otherwise no main author field but an author field for first named author at the bottom of the record; RDA: field for the first named author, no matter how many authors are named.
  • Title: Current practice: capitalize the first word and any proper nouns in English-language titles with other rules for different languages; RDA: allows capitalization as it appears.
  • Statement of responsibility: Current practice: Give up to three names per function, .e.g author, editor, illustrator. If more, give first and …[et al.]; RDA: Generally, give all names and affiliations as they appear on the title page.
  • Edition statement: Current practice: use standard abbreviations, e.g., 2nd ed. or possibly 2nd rev. ed.; RDA: record the edition statement as it appears on the publication, i.e., no abbreviations, no conversion of numbers, e.g., Second edition or Second revised edition.
  • Extent (pagination, etc.): Current practice: p. cm.; RDA: pages cm (if no series is present) or pages cm. (with a final period if the series is present, in accordance with ISBD, an international standard).
  • Additional authors/editors: Current practice: Provide up to three names per function if not already listed at the top of the record; RDA: required only for the illustrator of children’s literature; catalogers may use judgment to add other names.