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Program Veterans History Project

How to Participate

Veterans from all branches and ranks who served at any point since World War I are eligible to participate in the Veterans History Project, even if they did not see combat. Anyone, including students ages 15 or older, may volunteer to record an oral history interview or gather and donate a veteran’s original photographs, correspondence or other materials. Veterans may also chose to submit their own collection materials to the Library of Congress. VHP is a grassroots effort and reliant on voluntary participation of people around the country interviewing the veterans in their lives and communities. In our “how-to” video we show you everything you need to create your own VHP interview which will be preserved for future generations in the Library of Congress.

Watch the VHP Field Kit Companion Video

Interviewing veterans for VHP is a meaningful volunteer activity and everything you need to know is also found in the Veterans History Project Field Kit. The video and field kit lay out the five steps that will ensure your VHP interview is accepted and provides a useful primary source for researchers. Those steps are Prepare, Participate, Send, Access, and Inquire.