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Program Veterans History Project

Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. What is the Veterans History Project?
  2. What is an oral history?
  3. How did the Veterans History Project start?
  4. Who retains copyright of donated collections?
  5. What is the Gold Star Families Voices Act?


  1. How do I start the process of submitting a collection to the Veterans History Project (VHP)?
  2. How do I locate veterans to interview?
  3. Who is eligible to submit a story to the Veterans History Project?
  4. Who conducts the interview?
  5. Is there someone in my area who can interview me?
  6. Can I share the story of a deceased veteran?
  7. How can Scout Troops participate?
  8. Is there a deadline for participating in, or submitting materials to, the Veterans History Project?

Collection Requirements

  1. What comprises a Veterans History Project collection?
  2. Can I submit multiples veterans collections on the same storage media?
  3. Why do you require original materials vs. copies?
  4. Can I submit digital (electronic) versions of documents and photos?
  5. My photos were taken on a digital camera. Can I submit those in a digital format?
  6. Does the Veterans History Project accept email collections?
  7. Can I record an interview using the camera or audio apps on my smartphone or tablet?
  8. Does the Veterans History Project require transcripts?

Submitting Materials

  1. How do I submit materials to the Veterans History Project?
  2. Will the Veterans History Project provide courtesy copies of my collection materials after I submit them?
  3. Am I allowed to submit my interview to another repository, such as a local historical society?
  4. What if I forgot to include something? Can I add to an existing collection?
  5. What paperwork do you require, and why?
  6. Am I required to provide my race or other demographical information?
  7. What happens if my submission does not meet the minimum requirements?
  8. How do I safeguard private or classified information?
  9. How long will it take for my collection to appear online?

Research and Access

  1. How are Veterans History Project collections used?
  2. How can I access Veterans History Project collection?
  3. How does the Veterans History Project determine which collection materials will be viewable online?
  4. What information is made public in the Veterans History Project online collection?
  5. What information is made available to onsite researchers for undigitized collection materials?
  6. Can Veterans History Project collection materials be used in publications or in exhibitions outside the Library of Congress?

Existing Collections

  1. What does AFC2001/001 stand for?
  2. I found an error. What should I do?
  3. I can’t find my biographical information online. What happened?
  4. How do I download digitized collection materials?

General Information

  1. Can I obtain my military service records or get information about my medals and decorations from the Veterans History Project?
  2. Does the Veterans History Project verify the stories it receives?
  3. I served with one of the veterans listed in the Veterans History Project Collection. How can I get in touch?
  4. Can I visit the Veterans History Project?
  5. Does the Veterans History Project accept financial contributions?
  6. How do I find out about Veterans History Project events and initiatives?

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