Useful information about sound related resources around the world, including published articles, notable sound archives and major sound-related publications.

  • Audio Preservation Bibliography Published articles on a variety of facets of sound preservation, cataloging, and standardization, among other topics, categorized by discipline and area of study.
  • Archives Major archives throughout the world which house significant collections of recorded sound.
  • Organizations National and international associations which deal with sound recording, sound archiving, and preservation.
  • Publications Publications, online and print, which regularly take on topics pertinent to sound recording and preservation.
  • Major Record Labels Companies which are involved in the production, distribution, and marketing of sound recordings, as well as the management of trademarks and copyright for those recordings.
  • Commercial Services Businesses which specialize in the repair and transfer of outdated/obsolete sound media types, such as cylinders and platters, as well as other services.