Inventory and Custody

  • Responsibility for Digital Collections Content and Storage Systems This guidance states the Library’s practice for determining the custodial unit for collection content need and outlines responsibilities for monitoring risks of obsolescence in the hardware and architecture and the Library''s digital collections storage systems.
  • Digital Content Manager Roles This guidance outlines the purpose, roles, and responsibilities of digital content managers in the Library's custodial units.
  • Digital Collections Security This guidance identifies requirements for the safeguarding of access to and preservation of the Library's digital collections while they are in storage.
  • Use of Approved Inventory Systems This guidance identifies the Library's approved inventory systems for digital collection content and also requires the use of approved inventory systems to establish administrative control for the Library’s permanent digital collections.
  • Data Integrity Management This guidance explains the Library’s approach to creating and managing information used to track data integrity over time.
  • Managing External Media and Digital Content This guidance identifies the Library's approach to managing digital collection content stored on or received on external media storage devices. The general guideline is to copy this content from external media and ensure that it is appropriately ingested into the Library's managed storage systems.