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Appendix 5: Accomplishments and Presentations Pertaining to Pub. L. 101-423

Final Report to Congress on the Joint Resolution to
Establish a National Policy on Permanent Papers

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Event Date
Presentation on permanent paper, Publisher's Committee, Federal Depository Library Group (GPO) April 1994
First and second reports to Congress on Pub. L. 101-423 mounted on NARA CLIO and LC MARVEL July 1994
Government Paper Specification Standards (No. 10) published September 1994
Meeting on permanent paper, Advisory Committee on Preservation (NARA) September 1994
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), meeting on Groundwood Paper in Federal Offices (impact on preservation) October 1994
Presentations on permanent paper, semi-annual classes on paper procurement, Institute for Federal Printing and Publishing (GPO) November 1994 - April 1995
Presentation on permanent paper, Interagency Council on Printing and Publishing Services (GPO) January 1995
Presentations on permanent paper, Bi-Monthly Records and Information Officers Discussion Group (NARA) February 1995
Joint letter from Agency Heads to State Governors urging their support of Pub. L. 101-423 (LC, NARA, GPO) March 1995
Letter to American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) supporting research in paper aging (NARA) April 1995
Publication of NARA Bulletin 95-7 - "Procurement of Writing, Copying, and Printing Papers for Federal Records" September 1995
NARA Bulletin 95-7 mounted on NARA CLIO September 1995
Distribution of NARA Bulletin 95-7 to Federal Agency Heads, Records Officers, Procurement Officials, and Printing Officers; and State Governors, Archivists, and Records Officers November - December 1995
Presentation on permanent paper, Records Officers, Small Agency Council (NARA) December 1995

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