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Appendix 2: JCP "Option A" Paper Grades

Final Report to Congress on the Joint Resolution to Establish a National Policy on Permanent Papers

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JCP A60   Offset Book (w/postconsumer recovered material content) 
          (After 12/31/94, minimum content standard will be 20%
           postconsumer (PC) recovered material and after 12/31/98,
           30% PC.)

JCP A61   No. 1 Offset Book, Smooth-finish

JCP A75   Light Weight Offset Book (Bible Paper)

JCP A80   Opacified Offset Book

JCP A90   Vellum-finish Book, White and Colored

JCP A180  Litho (Gloss) Coated Book

JCP A240  Matte Coated Offset Book

JCP A260  Dull Coated Offset Book

JCP F10   Manifold, White and Colored

JCP J10   Ledger, White and Colored

JCP K10   Index, White and Colored

JCP L10   Litho (Gloss) Coated Cover, White and India Tint

JCP L20   Vellum-finish Cover, White and Colored

JCP L23   Offset Cover

JCP L50   Matte Coated Paper

JCP L60   Dull Coated Cover

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