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Final Report to Congress on the Joint Resolution to Establish a National Policy on Permanent Papers

National Library of Medicine
"National Library of Medicine Board of Regents May 23-24, 1995," Tab VIII, NLM Preservation Program: Current Activities and Future Directions. [p.1] April 1995, Bethesda, MD.

Australian Archives
"Paper Specification 1990/2: Permanent Bond Paper for Use in Records." May 1, 1990.

Communications Canada
"Government to print publications on permanent paper," January 15, 1992.

National Assembly of France
Proposed Law concerning the protection of government documents. No. 1607. October 4, 1994. (Distributed November 7, 1994)

Federal Register
Proposed improvements to these regulations appear in the Federal Register, V. 58, No. 241 (December 17, 1993), under authority of sections 301, 304, 306-308, and 501 of the Clean Water Act and 33 U.S.C sections 1311, 1314, 1316, 1317, and 1361. The proposal identifies and describes previous studies and guidance that helped to propel mill conversion.

McDonough, T.J.
Proceedings of the Fourth China Paper Technical Conference, TAPPI PRESS, Atlanta. 1995.

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Abubaker, S and Cropsey, K.
"A comparison of Upcycled and Recycled Paper," presented at USDA Forest Products Laboratory, Madison, WI, "Meeting on Groundwood Paper in Federal Offices."

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