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Guidelines for Electronic Preservation of Visual Materials

Appendix A: Example Images

Binders provided to the Preservation Directorate contain laser printed originals which are intended to be the primary means of evaluating the quality of each of the image types. Readers of this report who wish to view the binders of printouts should contact:

Basil Manns
Preservation Directorate
Library Congress

Picture Elements, Inc. will create a recordable CD-ROM containing all the images upon request for a $50.00 shipping and handling charge. These requests should be directed to the Berkeley facility:

Picture Elements Inc.
777 Panoramic Way
Berkeley, CA 94704
(510) 843-6765

The original TIF images used to create the laser printed originals are available via anonymous FTP from the Preservation Directorate of the Library of Congress at: ftp://ftp.loc.gov/pub/preservation/guidelines/images

A list of the files available for downloading is provided. This list provides the size and a description of each file. The user can transfer individual files from this list.

Appendix A of the original report contained small representative patches of image data drawn from the larger images used in the experiments. Trying to view and compare graphic copies of these smaller patches via the Internet is of limited value and have not been included in the online copy of the report.

Table of Contents - Executive Summary - Introduction - Aspects of Collection Analysis - Guidelines - Scanning & Compression - Appendixes