MARC Records, Systems and Tools


The MARC Records, Systems and Tools web page lists record services, vendor systems and specialized tools used to support the MARC 21 formats. Using these lists, MARC 21 format users are referred to vendor sites to learn more and to answer questions and concerns about system compatibility, record conversions, etc. Any products that support the MARC 21 formats may be listed in these pages, although the listing does not imply verification of quality or endorsement by the Network Development MARC Standards Office at the Library of Congress. If a user of these services discovers that any service, system, or tool does not support use of the MARC 21 formats, please report that to [email protected].

Separate lists are maintained for both free and fee-based services, tools or systems. Likewise, products may be cross-listed whenever appropriate.

Vendors, software producers, and anyone else who provide vendor records/system services, or who have developed specialized MARC tools are encouraged to request space on this webpage by contacting the Network Development and MARC Standards Office.

Please send any questions or comments to: [email protected]

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