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DATE: May 29, 2020

NAME: Adding Subfield $0 to Field 022 in the MARC 21 Bibliographic Format

SOURCE: ISSN Review Group, ISSN International Centre, Paris

SUMMARY: This paper proposes adding subfield $0 (Authority record control number or standard number) to Field 022 (International Standard Serial Number) in the MARC 21 Bibliographic Format, in order to provide a place in the ISSN field for the ISSN URI.

KEYWORDS: Field 022 (BD); International Standard Serial Number (BD); ISSN (BD); Subfield $0, in field 022 (BD); Authority record control number or standard number (BD); Subfield $1, in field 022 (BD); Real World Object URI (BD); URIs

RELATED: 2017-08

05/29/20 – Made available to the MARC community for discussion.

07/02/20 – Results of MARC Advisory Committee discussion: There was general support for the paper, though there was substantial concern regarding the management of URIs to represent ISSN-Ls and the prospect of mixing and matching URIs in the same field for the ISSN proper in $a and an ISSN-L in $l (el). ISSN Centre is currently evaluating a broader application of cluster ISSNs, ISSN-L being an example, as now permitted by the ISO 3297-2020 updated standard. A future proposal to record cluster ISSNs in their own distinct, repeatable field will be submitted separately. For the time being, they will structure the current proposed solution to only encompass the ISSN proper recorded in $a, with the equivalent update to also apply to the Authority Format. The paper will return as a proposal.

Discussion Paper No 2020-DP11: Adding Subfield $0 to Field 022


The goal of this discussion paper is to define subfield $0 (Authority record control number or standard number) in Field 022 in order to provide a place in the ISSN field for the ISSN URI.  Subfield $0 has been added to many MARC fields in recent years.  Field 022, the field for the International Standard Serial Number, currently lacks subfield $0.


The scope of subfield $0 was broadened to include the recording of standard numbers and identifiers in MARC Proposal No. 2010-06. Papers 2016-DP19 and 2017-08 also added subfield $0 to several MARC fields.

This discussion paper proposes defining subfield $0 in field 022. To remain consistent with other fields, subfield $1 (Real World Object URI) is also proposed.

The main use case for adding a URI in the ISSN field (Field 022 $a) is that it will serve as an authoritative work identifier for the serial. The MARC community does not have any clear-cut identifiers for works at this time. In some cases, the LCCN of a title or name-title authority record can serve as a work identifier, but the LCCN in a MARC bibliographic record functions primarily as a record identifier at the manifestation level.  In Beta RDA, which is based on IFLA’s Library Reference Model (LRM), for each serial work there is only one expression and one manifestation,   (the "WEM lock"), thus positioning ISSN at the work level.

It should be noted that the $0 succeeds the subfield to which it applies. Existing subfields in Field 022 contain, for example, ISSNs that are incorrect or pertain to other resources. Subfield $2 contains the ISSN center code. In the examples that follow, $0 always succeeds $a which is the subfield defined for the valid International Standard Serial Number.

Although field 022 is repeatable in MARC 21, it is not repeatable in ISSN Network records so repeating the field is not a viable option for ISSN Network use.  A fundamental part of the ISSN database structure is that there is only one 022 field with one ISSN per record and one record per ISSN.


In Field 022 of the MARC 21 Bibliographic Format, add the following subfields (underlined):

022 – International Standard Serial Number (R)

Field Definition and Scope
International Standard Serial Number (ISSN), a unique identification number assigned to a continuing resource, and/or any incorrect or canceled ISSN.

First Indicator: Level of international interest
# - No level specified
0 - Continuing resource of international interest
1 - Continuing resource not of international interest
Second Indicator: Undefined
# - Undefined

Subfield Codes

$a - International Standard Serial Number (NR)

$l - ISSN-L (NR)

$m - Canceled ISSN-L (R)

$y - Incorrect ISSN (R)

$z - Canceled ISSN (R)

$0 – Authority record control number or standard identifier (NR)
A URI for the ISSN in subfield $a.
See description of this subfield in Appendix A: Control Subfields.

$1 - Real World Object URI (R)
See description of this subfield in Appendix A: Control Subfields.

$2 - Source (NR)

$6 - Linkage (NR)

$8 - Field link and sequence number (R)


Example 1

022 0#  $a 0043-0897 $0 $2 _1
245 04 $a The Washingtonian.

Example 2

022 0# $a 2712-0597 $0 $l 2712-0589 $2 46
222 ## $a Bosnian journal of cardiovascular medicine $b (Online)
245 1# $a Bosnian journal of cardiovascular medicine.

Example 3

022 0# $a 1909-7476 $0 $l 1909-7476 $2 21
222 ## $a Avances científicos en oncología
245 1# $a Avances científicos en oncología.

Example 4

022 0# $a 0904-7379 $0 $l 0904-7379 $z 0900-7601 $2 _h
222 ## $a Terrier nyt
245 10 $a Terrier nyt.

Example 5

022 0# $a 0321-5040 $0 $l 0321-5040 $z 0302-5969 $2 76
222 ## $6 880-01 $a Kosmičeskaâ biologiâ i aviakosmičeskaâ medicina
245 1# $6 880-02 $a Kosmičeskaâ biologiâ i aviakosmičeskaâ medicina.
880 ## $6 222-01/(N $a Космическая биология и авиакосмическая медицина
880 1# $6 245-02/(N $a Космическая биология и авиакосмическая медицина.

Example 6

022 0# $a 1534-9322 $0 $l 0739-4713 $y 0739-4713 $z 1542-5894 $m 1534-9322 $2 _1
222 #0 $a Composition studies
245 10 $a Composition studies.


Including subfield $0 in field 022 will enable a smooth conversion of BIBFRAME data to the MARC format that preserves the URIs that come from the BIBFRAME description, since URIs added within a BIBFRAME editor, or by a MARC to BIBFRAME data conversion, will be preserved.  In BIBFRAME, the most recent conversion of the ISSN places it within the BIBFRAME work.


6.1. Do you agree that there is a use for subfield $0 in field 022?

6.2  Does the information provided for $0 make it sufficiently clear that $0 pertains only to $a?

6.3  Would it be possible or desirable to make $0 repeatable to enable inclusion of URIs for other subfields, e.g., ISSN-L? 

6.4 Are there any potential consequences that this paper does not address?

6.5 Are additional examples needed?

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