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028 - Publisher Number (R)

MARC 21 LITE Bibliographic
April 2008

Formatted number used for sound recordings, printed music, and videorecordings. Publisher's numbers that are given in an unformatted form are recorded in field 500 (General Note). A print constant identifying the kind of publisher number may be generated based on the value in the first indicator position.

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First - Type of publisher number
0 - Issue number
Number used to identify the issue designation, or serial identification, assigned by a publisher to a specific sound recording, side of a sound recording, or performance on a sound recording or to a group of sound recordings issued as a set.
1 - Matrix number
Master from which the specific recording was pressed.
2 - Plate number
Assigned by a publisher to a specific music publication.
3 - Other music number
4 - Videorecording number
5 - Other publisher number
Second - Note/added entry controller
2 - Note, no added entry
Subfield Codes
$a - Publisher number (NR)
$b - Source (NR)
028 22$aB. & H. 8797$bBreitkopf & Hartel
028 42$aVM5108$bVidmark Entertainment
028 42$aMV600167$bMGM/UA

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