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Judith Margaret Brown Judith Margaret Brown

Judith Margaret Brown is Beit Professor of Commonwealth History at Oxford and a Fellow of Balliol College. She was born in India in 1944 and educated at Girton College, Cambridge. Dr. Brown has been an Official Fellow and Director of Studies in History at Girton College (1968-71); and Lecturer, Senior Lecturer, and Reader Elect in History at the University of Manchester (1971-90). She currently chairs the Charles Wallace (India) Trust and was co-editor of the 20th Century volume of The Oxford History of the British Empire with William Roger Louis. Dr. Brown's other publications include: Gandhi's Rise to Power: Indian politics 1915-1922; Gandhi and Civil Disobedience: the Mahatma in Indian Politics, 1928-1934; Men and Gods in a Changing World; Modern India: the origins of an Asian democracy; Gandhi, Prisoner of Hope; Migration: the Asian Experience (ed. with R. Foot); Hong Kong's Transition, 1842-1997 (ed. with R. Foot); Gandhi and South Africa: Principles and Politics (ed. with M. Prozesky); and Nehru. Dr. Brown currently is researching the post-1947 Nehru papers. The Times Literary Supplement identifies her as the most interesting scholar now interpreting recent Indian history.

Webcast: Nehru: A Political Life.

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