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2010-2011 Kluge Fellows Selected

New at the John W. Kluge Center

by Robert Saladini

Kluge Fellows are selected by the Librarian of Congress based on the appropriateness of their proposed research application to Library collections by LC staff and recommended by a panel of their peers assembled by the National Endowment for the Humanities.  While in residence they pursue humanistic and social science research making use of the Library’s large, varied collections and expert staff. 


Below is a listing of those arriving in Autumn 2010 and beyond, followed by their proposed research project.


Bell, Richard, “Tear Down the World: Suicide and Power in the Newly United States”

Brienen, Rebecca, “The Dutch Republic circa 1700: Artists, Travelers, and Collectors in the Circle of Nicholaas Witsen (1641-1717)”

Chekuri, Christopher, “Hindu and Turk: Sovereignty and Religion in Pre-colonial India”

Chrissochoidis, Illias, “From the London Stage to Westminster Abbey: Cultural Mobility of Handel’s Oratorios in Britain, 1732-1784”

Capper, Eleanor, “Government Activism and Consumer Politics in the U.S., 1933-2008”

Foray, Jennifer, “Imperial Aftershocks: The Legacies of Decolonization in the Netherlands”

O’Dwyer, Emer, “Imperialism and Democracy in the Context of Japan’s Modern Nationhood”

Reed, Peter, “Staging the Haitian Revolution: Race, Revolution, and American Theater, 1790-1865”

Schiltz, Michael, “An Economic History and Sociocultural Reconstruction of Japan in the Age of the Great Depression”

Simon, Josep, “Shaping Physics in Three Nations: Ganot’s Franco-British Canon and the Pedagogical Economy of American College Life”

Yellin, Eric, “In the Nation’s Service: Racism and Federal Employment in Woodrow Wilson’s Washington”


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