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2001 - 2002 Events & News

APRIL 2001

April 27, 2001
Professor Aaron Friedberg Selected as First Kissinger Scholar [Press Release]

JUNE 2002

June 11, 2002
Kluge Center Welcomed Arriving Scholars Starting in July and August, 2002
LC Press Release [Press Release]

June 20, 2002
"Henry Alfred Kissinger Chair Aaron L. Friedberg on The United States as an Asian Power: 1787-2002

JULY 2002

July/August 2002
Kluge Center Has Open House- New Scholars Occupy Renovated Space [Press Release]


August 27, 2002
Klaus Larres Named Henry Alfred Kissinger Scholar in Foreign Policy and International Relations [Press Release]


October 2002
Saladini, Robert. "A Meeting of the Minds: Kluge Center Welcomes New Scholars"
Library of Congress Information Bulletin Vol. 61, No. 10

October 23, 2002
Robert V. Remini to Write History of the House of Representatives [Press Release]

October 25, 2002
Office of Scholarly Programs and the African Middle Eastern Division cosponsor a workshop on "Teaching the Other: Muslims, Non-Muslims and the Stories They Teach," focusing on how different societies and cultures instruct their children in other cultures and societies.


December 5, 2002
Book Talk: Klaus Larres discusses his book Churchill's Cold War: The politics of personal diplomacy on Book-TV [Presentation]

December 9, 2002
Lecture: Dr. Toni Carbo on "Information Ethics: Challenges for Library and Information Science Professionals" [Lecture information]

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