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Image of an Area Studies reading room, photo by Carol M. Highsmith

Fellows receive individual carrels within the iconic Thomas Jefferson Building and access to the world’s largest repository of knowledge to pursue their research.

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Opportunities for Fellows by Competition

Kluge Fellowships

Deadline July 15

Research in the humanities and social sciences that makes use of the Library's large and varied collections. Interdisciplinary, cross-cultural, and multilingual research is particularly welcome.
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Kluge Fellowships in Digital Studies

Deadline December 6

Research related to the impact of the digital revolution on society, culture and international relations.
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Georgian Papers Programme Fellowship

Deadline January 31 (extended to February 15)

Independent research in the Royal Archives and the Library of Congress, as well as to support the related work of the Georgian Papers Programme.
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David B. Larson Fellowship in Health and Spirituality

Deadline April 17

Research on the relation of religiousness and spirituality to physical, mental, and social health, funded by the International Center for the Integrationof Health and Spirituality.
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Jon B. Lovelace Fellowship for the Study of the Alan Lomax Collection

Deadline February 1 (extended to March 1)

Advanced research based on the American Folklife Center’s Alan Lomax Collection.
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Kluge Staff Fellowship

Deadline April 1

Supports a full-time staff member of the Library of Congress to leave his/her regular position to conduct personal research for a period of one year.
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