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2007-08 Class of Kluge Fellows Selected

In its fifth full year of operation, the John W. Kluge Center continues to attract the world's brightest minds to the Library of Congress where they pursue humanistic and social science research making use of the Library's large, varied collections and expert staff. While in residence, they also have the opportunity to interact with the Washington, DC diplomatic community as well as each another.

Kluge Fellowship recipients, all of whom are within seven years of having received the terminal advanced degree in their respective areas of study, spend six to eleven months in a collegial residential setting at the John W. Kluge Center in the Library's Thomas Jefferson Building.

The fellows are selected by the Librarian of Congress based on the appropriateness of their proposed research application to Library collections by LC staff and recommended by a panel of their peers assembled by the National Endowment of Humanities.

Below is a listing of those arriving this Summer and Autumn followed by their academic affiliation and proposed research project:

Mark D. Anderson, University of North Texas; "The fruits of disaster: Cultural responses to catastrophe in Latin America"

Geert Buelens, Utrecht University (Netherlands), "National and/or European identity in the Avant-Garde and traditional poetry of the First World War"

Karen L. Carter, University of North Florida, "Art in the streets; Late 19th Century French posters"

Mario Del Pero, University of Bologna (Italy), "Detente, Europe, and Bipolarism: US and EEC responses to the ‘Southern European Malaise' of the 1970s"

Claudia B. Haake, University of York (United Kingdom), "The roots of identity: Indigenous societies and land in the Americas"

Joseph K. Kosek, George Washington University, "Acts of conscience: Christian nonviolence and American democracy.

Timothy M. Rohan, University of Massachusetts, "Enriching modernism: Paul Rudolph's buildings and projects, 1945-1997"

Reuben S. Rose-Redwood, Pennsylvania State University, " Rationalizing the Landscape: A Critical Spatial History of Street and House Numbering in the United States"

Michael Schiltz, University of Leuven (Belgium), "Building the ‘Yen Bloc': Financial policy, learning, and search for empire in prewar Japan"

Jennifer Elson Sessions, University of Iowa, "The culture and politics of colonialism in 19th Century France and Algeria, 1830-1851"

Owen C. Stanwood, Catholic University of America, "An imperial faith: The Catholic threat and the making of British America, 1678-1713"

Chitralekha Zutshi, College of William and Mary, "A sociocultural history of the Kashmiri shawl"





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