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Current Spanish immigration law[1] does not require any specific amount to issue an investor visa.  A self-employed person may be issued a temporary residence visa valid for a period of ninety days to five years if the proposed investment is proved to be appropriate and will provide jobs for Spanish workers.[2]

In order to create more demand for real estate and foreign investment, the Spanish government has approved a major bill to enhance the economy and promote business that is now pending congressional approval,[3] and this bill proposes new provisions on investor visas.[4]  In addition to other measures, the new law would allow the issuance of long-term residence permits to non-European Union citizens who invest in real estate of at least €500,000 (about US$664,500) in value; invest at least €2 million in Spanish public bonds or at least €1 million in deposits in Spanish financial institutions or the same amount in shares or participation in Spanish companies;[5] or start or participate in a business to be developed in Spain that would create jobs, have a positive socioeconomic impact in the region where it would operate, or add relevant scientific or technological innovation.[6]

In recent years, investment in real estate by foreigners in Spain has increased significantly, mainly from Russia, Norway, the United Kingdom, and Sweden.[7]  Real estate agents are currently seeing interest from Chinese investors who are attracted by the low prices in Spain and the expectation of the availability of a new visa that would facilitate those investments.[8]

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Prepared by Graciela Rodriguez-Ferrand
Senior Foreign Law Specialist
August 2013

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