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French immigration law does not contain any provisions that would allow foreign investors to become residents if they invested a certain threshold amount in France.  French law merely provides that entrepreneurs may be granted a residence permit if their intended endeavors in France are economically feasible.[1] The initial duration of such a residence permit may not exceed one year but it is renewable.[2]

In an ongoing parliamentary debate on immigration law reform, the Office of the French President has communicated an interest in making France a more desirable destination for entrepreneurs by making it easier for them to obtain a biannual residence permit.  In the fall of 2013, a bill may be introduced in Parliament that would grant entrepreneurs and other desirable immigrants a residence permit for an initial two-year period that could be obtained with little administrative effort. [3]

These principles for granting visas to entrepreneurs and other self-employed persons only apply to citizens of countries outside of the European Union.  Citizens of the European Union do not need a visa to reside and work in France,[4] and certified long-term residents of other European Union Member States are accepted into France on the basis of that certification.[5] 

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Prepared by Edith Palmer
Chief, Foreign, Comparative,
and International Law Division II
August 2013

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