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Austria has no statutory provisions on the granting of visas to investors and therefore does not specify any threshold amounts for such investments.[1]  According to section 60 of the Act on Temporary and Permanent Residence,[2] a self-employed person may be granted a temporary residence pass if he or she contractually agrees to carry out certain self-employed activity for at least six months.  It appears that the discretion inherent in this provision would allow the Austrian authorities to enter into an agreement with investors in individual cases if this was deemed to be in the interest of Austria.

Prepared by Edith Palmer
Chief, Foreign, Comparative and
International Law Division II
August 2013

[1] Niederlassungs- und Aufenthaltsgesetz [Act on Temporary and Permanent Residence], Bundesgesetzblatt I 100/2005, as amended, available at the official database RIS, Bundesnormen/20004242/NAG%2c%20Fassung%20vom%2020.07.2013.pdf?FassungVom=2013-07-20.

[2] Id.

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