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This bibliography contains selected, recent English-language materials on public health law, with an emphasis on responses to international health crises.

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JC330.3.G56 2012

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Available through Hein Online

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KJC6242.A13 E97

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       HD3616.U63P74 2014 OVERFLOWA5S
Note: Includes discussion of public health surveillance, among other issues.

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                                                                                                          Available through Hein Online

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K3569.8.L39 2014

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                                                          KPG19.A2 M35

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                                     UA10.5.M67 2011
Note: See chapter 9, “Public Health Strategies and Institutions,” pp. 335–58.  Briefly discusses
Australia, Canada, the European Union, France, Germany, Israel, and the United Kingdom

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  K8 .E17

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Prepared by Constance Johnson
Senior Legal Research Analyst
February 2015

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