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There does not appear to be any legislation in the United Kingdom that requires government agencies to collect and share customer satisfaction feedback.  However, there is a set of standards that all public transactions involving government services must follow, known as the Digital Service Standards.[1]  All public beta and live services are required to be hosted on the platform.  Point 16 of the Digital Service Standards mandates that these services must have a feedback page to collect comments and measure user satisfaction.[2]   

The style that the feedback form must take is provided by and can be added to platforms for government services websites hosted on  The form enables users to rate their experience on a five-point scale, with the highest point being “very satisfied” and the lowest point being “very dissatisfied.”[3]  In addition to the five-point scale, the rating tool has an open-ended question that allows users to input any other information about the service that they wish to provide, although space is limited to 1,200 characters.[4]   

Government services providers are encouraged to provide an additional in-service feedback page for any page it provides that is accessible via links in the footer or banner on each page.  The Service Manual notes that “[t]here is no formal guidance on what questions you must ask.  You should at least have an open-ended question about how to improve the service, similar to the one on the feedback page.”[5]

Hosting government services on the platform enables customer service scores to be compared across all sectors.[6]  Any data collected on user satisfaction must be both measured and shared through the performance platform at least once each month.[7]   

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Prepared by Clare Feikert-Ahalt
Senior Foreign Law Specialist
October 2017

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