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It appears that the Japanese government does not collect customer satisfaction feedback proactively.  However, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIAC) accepts complaints, opinions, and requests from the general public concerning the business of administrative agencies, including the provision of services, and mediates disputes.[1]  One of the missions of the MIAC is to maintain comprehensive and efficient administration through management and operation of the country’s basic system of administration.[2]  Complaints, opinions, and requests from the general public are used for better management of the administration of government.   

Complaints, opinions, and requests are accepted in person at regional administrative consultation offices of the MIAC; through administrative consultants in the submitter’s geographic area; by phone, mail, or facsimile; or online.[3]  These submissions may touch on various subjects, including the quality of services received.[4]  Approximately 170,000 complaints, opinions, and requests are submitted per year.[5]  Several examples of these are included on the MIAC website.[6]

Individual agencies also accept opinions and proposals online.  It appears that each agency has a different form for this process.[7]  Some agencies report examples of opinions and answers and publish them.[8]

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Prepared by Sayuri Umeda
Foreign Law Specialist
October 2017

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