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Part V. International and Comparative Law Sources

For some international and comparative legal aspects of the family reunification issue, one might consult the following sources, among others:

Eisele, Katharina.  The External Dimension of the EU’s Migration Policy: Different Legal Positions of Third-Country Nationals in the EU: A Comparative Perspective.  Leiden, Boston, Brill, 2014.  xvi, 540 pp.  Call No. KJE6044.E37 2014

Goldner, Iris. Family Reunification of European Community Nationals.   1 Croatian Y.B. Eur. L. & Pol’y 163–202 (2005).  Available in HeinOnline subscription database.

Heinemann, Torsten & Ursula Naue.  Immigration and Family Reunification: The International Legal Framework (Nov. 2010).  Available at

Huddleston, Thomas.  Briefing 2: Family Reunion Policies in Central Europe (May 17, 2013).  Available at

International Organization for Migration.  International Migration Law No. 16: Laws for Legal Immigration in the 27 EU Member States (2009).  640 pp.  Available at  (Includes a number of tables for purposes of comparison across jurisdictions.) 

Martin, Susan.  The Legal and Normative Framework of International Migration, Global Commission on International Migration (Sept. 2005).  Available at

Mole, N.  Family Migration and Access to Social and Economic Rights under the Legal Regimes of the EU and the Council of Europe, The Aire Centre (June 2013).  Available at

Nanda, Ved.  International Migration: Trends: Challenges, and the Need for Cooperation within an International Human Rights Framework.  17:2  ILSA J. Int’l & Comp. L. 355–78 (Spring 2011).

Oliver, Caroline.  The Impact of Restrictions and Entitlements on the Integration of Family Migrants, Centre on Migration, Policy and Society, University of Oxford (Oct. 2013).  (Comparative study of Germany, Netherlands, Spain, and the United Kingdom.)

Orgad, Liav. Illiberal Liberalism: Cultural Restrictions on Family Migration and Access to Citizenship in Europe.  58:1 Am. J. Comp. L. 53–106 (Winter 2010).  Available in HeinOnline subscription database.

----------. Love and War: Family Migration in Time of National Emergency.  23:1 Georgetown Immig. L. J. 85–128 (Fall 2008).  Available in HeinOnline subscription database.

Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development.  International Migration Policies and DataAvailable at (last visited July 28, 2014).

The Others in Europe.  Saskia Bonjour, Andrea Rea & Dirk Jacobs eds.  Brussels, Institut d’Études Europeennes: Editions de l’Université de Bruxelles, 2011.  203 pp.  Call No. JV7590.O84 2011.

Research Handbook on International Law and Migration.  Vincent Chetail & Céline Bauloz eds. Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, Switzerland.  Cheltenham, UK, Edward Elgar, [2014]. Xiv, 692 pp.  Call No. K3275 .R47 2014.

Romic, Mirna.  Obtaining Long-Term Resident Status in the European Union6 Croatian Y.B. Eur. L. & Pol’y 153–66 (2010). Available in HeinOnline subscription database. 

Staver, Anne.  Family Reunification: A Right for Forced Migrants?, Working Paper Series No. 51, Refugee Studies Centre, University of Oxford (Nov. 2008).  Available at Family Reunification - A Rights for Forced Migrants.pdf.

Strik, Tineke, Betty de Hart, & Ellen Nissen.  Family Reunification: A Barrier or Facilitator of Integration?  A Comparative Study.  European Commission, DG HOME AFFAIRS – Unit B1: Immigration and Integration, Mar. 2013.  Available at (Comparative study on family reunification policies in six EU Member States: Austria, Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands, Portugal and the United Kingdom.)

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July 2014

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