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In an effort to protect members of Kuwait’s National Assembly from being infected with the COVID-19 virus, the Chairman of the Assembly has suspended its sessions and all activities for two weeks from March 10 through March 29, 2020. The Chairman also ordered all members to be tested for the COVID-19 infection.[1] 

While parliament is suspended, the Amir of Kuwait has the power to issue royal decrees promulgating laws adopting certain urgent measures. When the National Assembly reconvenes it must review those laws during its first session.[2]

Apparently, there are no provisions or regulations in place on how members of parliament are to operate their offices when they are unable to travel due to an emergency.

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Prepared by George Sadek
Foreign Law Specialist
March 2020

[1] Due to Coronavirus, the National Assembly Is Closed, Al Hurriyah (Mar. 18, 2020), (in Arabic).

[2] Law 12 of 1963 on the Internal Regulation of the National Assembly, art. 111, (in Arabic).

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Last Updated: 12/30/2020