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The Chairman of Egypt’s Council of Representatives has suspended sessions of parliament for two weeks starting March 10, 2020, because of the outbreak of COVID-19. Such suspension could continue if needed to protect members of parliament.[1]

While the Council of Representatives is suspended, the President of the Republic has the authority to issue presidential decrees that have the force of law. Those presidential decrees must then be submitted to the House of Representatives for discussion and approval when itĀ reconvenes.[2]

There are no regulations governing how members of the Council are to operate their offices when they are unable to travel. After the Council has suspended its sessions, the spokesperson of the Council announced that members had to return to their home districts and would not come back to Cairo until the Council resumes its session.[3]

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Prepared by George Sadek
Foreign Law Specialist
March 2020

[1] The Council of Representatives Decides on an Alternative Work Schedule for Its Employees with Half Work Capacity and Leaving Work at 2 PM, Al Youm 7 (Mar. 16, 2020) (in Arabic).

[2] Const. of Arab Rep. of Egypt of 2014, art. 156, (in Arabic).

[3] The Spokesperson of the Council: Corona Virus is a Real Test for the Members to be Present in Their Home Districts, Al-Watan (Mar. 22, 2020), (in Arabic).

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Last Updated: 12/30/2020