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Article 10 of the Lebanese Constitution of 1926 guarantees freedom of education, but not a right to education.[1]

However, article 49 of Legislative Decree No. 134 of 1959, as amended in 2011,[2] provides that “[e]ducation is compulsory in the foundational stage, freely available in the public schools, and is a right of all those of education age for this stage.”  The second paragraph of this article provides that “[r]egulations and conditions of this free and compulsory education shall be determined by decree adopted by the Council of Ministers.”

The Lebanese government has not yet implemented this provision of the Law.  The Ministry of Education and Higher Learning has stated that it is in the preparation phase of implementing this Law.[3]

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Prepared by Issam Saliba
Senior Foreign Law Specialist
May 2016

[2] Law No. 150 of 2011, Al-Jaridah Al-Rasmiyah No. 39, Aug. 8, 2011.

[3] Towards the Implementation of Compulsory Education of Children Not Attending School (Ages 6 to 15), Center for Educational Research and Development of the Ministry of Education,نحو تطبيق الزامية التعليم على الأولاد غير الملتحقين بالمدرسة (in Arabic; last visited May 11, 2016), archived at