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Brazil: Municipal Elections Postponed Because of COVID-19

(July 7, 2020) On July 2, 2020, the Brazilian Congress promulgated Constitutional Amendment No. 107, which determines that the first round of the municipal elections scheduled for October 2020 will take place on November 15, 2020, and the second round, where applicable, will be held on November 29, 2020. In the event that the sanitary […]

Italy: Decree Laws on Conclusion of School Year and Elections amid COVID-19 Pandemic Issued

(May 20, 2020) In April 2020, two decree laws entered into effect in Italy to regulate educational and electoral affairs that had been disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Decree Law No. 22 of April 8, 2020 (D.L. No. 22) on the conclusion of the 2019/2020 school year and state examinations in Italy entered into effect […]

Paraguay: Campaign Financing Law Amended

(May 7, 2020) On February 18, 2020, Paraguayan President Mario Abdo Benítez signed Law No. 6501/2020, amending Law No. 4743/2012 Regulating Political Financing. Law No. 6501 creates a unit within the Superior Court of Electoral Justice (Tribunal Superior de Justicia Electoral, TSJE) to be in charge of arranging, coordinating, and supervising policies and procedures to prevent […]

Israel: Supreme Court Again Rejects Petition for Court to Rule on Indicted Knesset Member’s Eligibility for Prime Ministership

(Apr. 20, 2020) On April 12, 2020, the Supreme Court of Israel, sitting as a High Court of Justice, unanimously rejected a petition that the Court determine whether a member of Knesset (Israel’s parliament) who had been indicted for an offense of moral turpitude is eligible to serve as prime minister (PM), and whether the […]

New Zealand: Amendments to Enhance Voter Registration and Voting Processes Passed

(Mar. 16, 2020) On March 4, 2020, the New Zealand Parliament passed the Electoral Amendment Bill, which contains various amendments to the Electoral Act 1993 and the Electoral Regulations 1996 aimed at improving “enrolment and voting processes to better enfranchise voters, uphold the integrity of the electoral system by ensuring that elections are conducted efficiently […]

Israel: Central Election Committee Orders Removal of Misleading Video, Calling It Unfair Interference with Campaign Advertising

(Mar. 16, 2020) On election day—March 2, 2020—the Chair of Israel’s Central Election Committee (CEC), Justice Neal Hendel, issued an injunction ordering Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu (PM) and his Likud Party to immediately remove from the PM’s Facebook page and Instagram account a film that doctored a statement of the PM’s political rival, Benny Gantz, […]

New Zealand: Bill to Restore Voting Rights for Some Prisoners Introduced

(Mar. 6, 2020) On February 25, 2020, the New Zealand government introduced the Electoral (Registration of Sentenced Prisoners) Amendment Bill in the Parliament. The bill amends the Electoral Act 1993 to enable people sentenced to terms of imprisonment of less than three years to vote in the country’s general elections. This would reinstate the rule […]

Argentina: Law on Protection of Women Amended to Include Provisions on Political Violence

(Feb. 26, 2020) On November 20, 2019, the Congress of Argentina adopted Law 27533, which amended several provisions of Law 26485 of 2009 on the Comprehensive Protection of Women, to sanction any behavior that weakens, prevents, or limits the participation of women in public affairs on equal basis with men. The new Law’s amendment of […]

Israel: Central Elections Committee for 23rd Knesset Reaffirms Rules for Recording and Photographing at Polling Stations on Election Day

(Feb. 7, 2020) On January 26, 2020, Israel’s Central Elections Committee (CEC) for the 23rd Knesset (Israel’s parliament), headed by Supreme Court Justice Neel Hendel, issued rules on recording and photographing at polling stations for the upcoming election on March, 2, 2020. (File 8/23 Decision Regarding Inspectors for Integrity of Elections (Decision), Central Elections Committee […]

Iran: Parliament Refers Election Campaign Transparency Bill to Internal Affairs Commission for Further Scrutiny

(Jan. 22, 2020) On January 12, 2020, Iran’s Majles (Parliament) referred a high-priority bill to increase transparency in election campaign financing to the parliament’s Councils and Domestic Affairs Committee for further consideration. The bill is a response to discussions on political spending that arose before the last Majles election in 2016 that questioned the integrity […]