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Indonesia: Bali to Protect Traditional Textiles

(Jan. 14, 2015) Indonesia’s province of Bali is planning a new bylaw, to be passed within the year, on the protection of the intellectual property involved in the creation of local traditional textiles. The purpose is to preserve the fabric techniques and enhance production and quality, to better suit the market. (Wasti Atmodjo, Bali Prepared […]

Italy: Measures to Enhance Protection of Cultural Patrimony

(Aug. 12, 2014) Decree-Law No. 83 of 2014, which entered into effect on July 31, 2014, establishes urgent tax, financial, and administrative measures aimed at the protection and promotion of Italy’s cultural patrimony and the national tourism industry. (Decreto-Legge 31 maggio 2014, n. 83, Disposizioni urgenti per la tutela del patrimonio culturale, lo sviluppo della […]

Indonesia: Bylaw on Cultural Heritage of Bali Proposed

(June 13, 2014) On June 9, 2014, Bali’s Governor, Made Mangku Pastika, submitted a proposed bylaw on preservation of cultural heritage to the province’s legislative council. Balinese culture is based on the predominant Hinduism of the island, and Pastika argued that this “cultural heritage must be preserved and developed for the interest of our future […]

European Union: Revision of Directive on Return of Unlawfully Removed Cultural Objects

(Dec. 6, 2011) On November 29, 2011, the European Commission launched a public consultation inviting interested stakeholders, such as museums, libraries, archives, and cultural or customs authorities, to submit their ideas on a possible revision of Directive 1993/7/EEC on the Return of Cultural Objects Unlawfully Removed from the Territory of a Member State, as amended. […]

Austria: Restitution of Nazi-Looted Art

(Dec. 2, 2009) On November 23, 2009, Austria promulgated the Act Amending the Federal Act Concerning Restitution of Works of Art from Austrian Federal Museums and Collections (BUNDESGESETZBLATT I No. 117/2009, at This Act amends an Act of 1998, which provides for the restitution of Nazi-looted art (BUNDESGESETZBLATT I No. 181/1998, available at […]

France; New Zealand: The Government of France Changes Its Position on Returning Preserved Tribal Heads to New Zealand

(July 30, 2009) In recent years, the Government of New Zealand has made concerted efforts to recover preserved Maori heads taken abroad so that they can be returned to the appropriate tribe (iwi) for burial. New Zealand has signed both the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) Convention on the Means of Prohibiting […]

Netherlands: Accession to 1970 UNESCO Treaty

(June 22, 2009) On June 10, 2009, the Upper House (Eerste Kamer) of the Dutch Parliament (Staten-Generaal) approved legislation on the accession of the Netherlands to a major international treaty to protect cultural objects, the Convention on the Means of Prohibiting and Preventing the Illicit Import, Export and Transfer of Ownership of Cultural Property 1970. […]

United States: Heiress Loses Appeal to Retain Painting Confiscated by Nazis

(Dec. 15, 2008) On November 19, 2008, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the First Circuit rejected an appeal by the heiress to a painting confiscated by Germany's Nazi government from a Jewish art dealer, refusing her claim that the art dealer had delayed efforts to recover the painting in a way that prejudiced the […]

Ukraine: New Rules for Transfer of Cultural Valuables

(Nov. 2, 2007) On October 15, 2007, the Verkhovna Rada (legislature) of Ukraine adopted amendments to the Ukrainian Law on Export, Import, and Return of Cultural Valuables, which regulates the transfer of artifacts moved during World War II. According to the new Law, artifacts transferred to Ukraine during World War II are considered partial compensation […]