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Turkey: Presidential Decree Extends COVID-19-Related Dividend Payment Limit by Three Months

(Oct. 7, 2020) A presidential decree published in Turkey’s Official Gazette on September 18, 2020, extended by three months the term of a rule that temporarily limits the amount of profits that companies can pay out to shareholders as dividends. The rule was included in the Turkish Commercial Code (TCC) on April 17, 2020, as […]

Turkey: Constitutional Court Finds Violation of Constitutional Rights in Courts’ Failure to Decide on Abortion Authorization in Pregnancy Resulting from Sexual Assault

(Sept. 30, 2020) On September 10, 2020, a judgment of the Grand Chamber of the Constitutional Court of Turkey in the case of R.G. was published in the Official Gazette. The Court found that a minor crime victim’s right to protect and improve her corporeal and spiritual existence enshrined in article 17 of the Constitution […]

Turkey: Ministry of Interior Affairs Introduces Additional Heightened Measures to Counter COVID-19 Spike

(Sept. 11, 2020) On September 8, 2020, Turkey’s Ministry of Interior Affairs (MIA) issued a circular to the governorates of all 81 provinces in the country ordering the implementation of new and extensive health measures in public spaces to counter the COVID-19 outbreak. This follows the apparent upward trend observed in the Ministry’s official numbers […]

Turkey: Parliament Passes Major Amendments to Law on Legal Practitioners

(July 17, 2020) On July 10, 2020, Turkey’s parliament passed into law a bill amending Law No. 1136 on Legal Practitioners (LLP). The new law allows new bar associations to be established in populous provinces, and significantly changes the system for the distribution of delegates representing provincial bar associations in the Union of Turkish Bar […]

Turkey: Parliament Updates Competition Law in Accordance with EU Rules

(July 9, 2020) On June 16, 2020, Turkey’s parliament passed a law amending the country’s Law on the Protection of Competition (LPC). The explanatory memorandum of the bill that became the amending law explains that the main purpose of the amendments is to reflect in Turkish law the developments that have occurred in European Union […]

Turkey: New Law Imposes Harsher Penalties for Violence Against Health Care Workers

(Apr. 28, 2020) On April 15, 2020, Turkey’s Parliament passed Law No. 7243 introducing harsher penalties for certain crimes committed against health care workers and their assistants. (Law No. 7243, art. 28.) Versions of the so-called “violence in health care” law had long been proposed by medical professional organizations and others in reaction to the high […]

Turkey: New Parole Measure Expected to Significantly Lower Prison Population

(Apr. 28, 2020) On April 14, 2020, the Parliament of Turkey passed Law No. 7242 amending Law No. 5275 on the Execution of Penal and Security Measures. The amendments include both provisions that are aimed at lowering the prison population generally and, in response to COVID-19, a temporary release provision for convicts that are serving […]

Turkey: Government Takes Extraordinary Administrative Measures for the Coronavirus Pandemic

(Mar. 24, 2020) During the third week of March 2019, in conjunction with the minister of health’s announcement that 20,345 tests had been administered in Turkey, with 1,236 positive cases and 30 fatalities, the government of Turkey took several administrative measures to counter the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the country’s public health and […]