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Taiwan: New Cybersecurity Law Takes Effect

(Jan. 30, 2019) On December 5, 2018, Taiwan’s executive branch of government (Executive Yuan) decided that the Information and Communication Security Management Act (enacted by the President on June 6, 2018) would enter into force on January 1, 2019. (Xingzheng Yuan Ling [Executive Yuan Order], Yuan Tai Hu Zi No. 1070217128 (Dec. 5, 2018), 235 EXECUTIVE YUAN […]

Tajikistan: Law Prescribes Observation of National Traditions

(Apr. 2, 2018) On March 12, 2018, members of the Tajikistani legislature approved amendments to the Law of Tajikistan on Regulating Traditions, Celebrations, and Rituals in the Republic of Tajikistan. (Law of the Republic of Tajikistan No. 272 of June 8, 2007, Spinform website (in Russian) (by subscription).) Provisions of this Law, which allow government, […]

Tajikistan: Amendment to Law on Nationality Considered

(Nov. 8, 2016) The lower house of Tajikistan’s bicameral legislature approved a provision that would ban those who hold dual citizenship from working for the national security services, with the goal of preventing leaks of classified data. The proposal was introduced on November 2, 2016, by the first Deputy of the State Committee for National […]

Tajikistan: Fines for Language Mistakes

(Sept. 26, 2016) On August 1, 2016, the State Committee on Language and Terminology under Tajikistan’s Cabinet of Ministers announced that it will issue fines for violating Tajik language norms and using words in the Farsi language that are not clearly understood by the audience of print and broadcast media. The fine will be in […]

Tajikistan: ISIS Recognized as Terrorist Organization

(June 8, 2015) On May 29, 2015, Central Asian and Russian news agencies reported that the Supreme Court of Tajikistan has recognized the organization Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) as a terrorist group and banned its activities in Tajik territory. This decision allows Tajik authorities to prosecute anyone accused of association with ISIS […]

Tajikistan: Human Rights Lawyer Sentenced

(Jan. 15, 2015) On January 13, 2015, prominent human rights lawyer Sukhrat Kudratov was sentenced to nine years in prison in Tajikistan. The conviction was for bribery and fraud. Human rights advocates considered it to be a warning against criticism of the country’s government. (Addison Morris, Human Rights Lawyer Jailed in Tajikistan, PAPER CHASE (Jan. […]

Tajikistan: Loud Music Prohibited on Public Transit

(Mar. 21, 2014) On January 27, 2014, Tajikistan’s Minister of Culture confirmed that the ministry supports the enforcement of a decree issued previously by the mayor of the country’s capital city of Dushanbe, under which music alien to national traditions and “common human values” is prohibited from being broadcast or reproduced on public transit. (Head […]

Russian Federation, Tajikistan: Military Cooperation Treaty Ratified

(Oct. 30, 2013) On October 1, 2013, members of the lower house of the Tajik legislature ratified a treaty with the Russian Federation on extension of the term of the maintenance in Tajikstan of a Russian military base. (Lower House of the Tajik Parliament Approved Placement of the Russian Base for Another 30 Years [in […]

Tajikistan: Terrorism Law Amendments Approved in Lower House of Parliament

(June 25, 2012) On June 20, 2012, the lower house (Majlisi Namoyandagon) of Tajikistan's parliament (Majlisi Oli) approved amendments to the country's law on fighting terrorism. The changes had been proposed by President Emomali Rahmon. (Avaz Yuldoshev, Parliament Endorses Amendments Proposed to the Counter-Terrorism Law, ASIA-PLUS ONLINE (June 20, 2012); Majlisi Oli website (last visited […]

Tajikistan: Parents of Students Studying Abroad Prosecuted

(Apr. 22, 2011) It has been reported recently that Tajik police authorities have initiated criminal cases against individuals whose minor children are studying in religious, Islamic schools in foreign Muslim countries. (First Criminal Cases Against the Parents Whose Children Are Studying AbroadAre Initiated in Tajikistan [in Russian], NEWSRU.COM (Apr. 13, 2011).) The charges were brought […]