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Swaziland: Call for More Women in Parliament

(Mar. 21, 2014) A prominent human rights activist has called on the parliament of Swaziland to live up to the constitutional requirement for participation of women in the legislature. Doo Aphane, a Swazi lawyer and Director of Women for Women Development Consultancy, said that women have a right and an obligation to participate fully in […]

Swaziland: High Court Abolishes Rule Denying Married Women the Right to Institute Legal Action On Their Behalf

(Aug. 20, 2013) On July 18, 2013, the High Court of Swaziland declared unconstitutional one element of the common law principle of marital power: a ban on married women instituting legal actions on their own behalf and without the assistance of their husbands. (Nombuyiselo Sihlongonyane v. Mholi Joseph Sihlongonyane (470/2013A) [2013] SZHC 144 (July 18, […]

Swaziland: Woman Challenges Constitutionality of Property Ownership Laws in Court

(Aug. 14, 2009) It was reported on August 6, 2009, that a Swazi women's rights activist, Doo Aphane, had filed a legal action, in which she named the Swazi government as the defendant, challenging the constitutionality of laws that prevent women married in community of property from registering immovable property solely under their own names, […]

Swaziland: Free Primary Education Declared Inviolable Constitutional Right

(Apr. 8, 2009) It was reported on March 25, 2009, that the Swaziland High Court upheld a suit brought by a labor support group, Swaziland National Ex-Miners Workers Union (SNEWA), in response to King Mswati III's February 2009 parliamentary address in which he stated that free education was not a feasible undertaking. The suit was […]

Swaziland: Criminal Justice System

(Feb. 2, 2008) Seven months after his appointment as Chief Justice of Swaziland, Richard Banda acknowledged the existence of "too much corruption" in the country's judiciary. Speaking about the setbacks experienced in the year 2007, he disclosed that serious corruption allegations have been made against individuals working in all branches of the criminal justice system, […]