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Chad/Senegal: Former Chad Dictator Hissène Habré Prosecuted

(Oct. 8, 2015) On September 7, 2015, the trial of the former leader of Chad, Hissène Habré, resumed, following a 45-day delay of the proceedings. Habré, who was dictator of Chad from 1982 to 1990, is facing charges of crimes against humanity, war crimes, and torture before the Extraordinary African Chamber, an ad hoc tribunal, in Senegal. […]

African Union; Chad; Senegal: Former Chad Dictator Hissene Habre’s Trial Adjourned to September

(July 28, 2015) On July 21, 2015, the trial of the former President of Chad, Hissène Habré, before the Extraordinary African Chambers (EAC) in Dakar, Senegal, was adjourned to September 7, 2015. (Diadie Ba, Trial of Chad’s Habre Suspended After Boycott by His Lawyers, REUTERS (July 21, 2015).) Habré had to be forced to appear […]

African Union; Chad; Senegal: Former Chad Dictator Hissene Habre’s Trial Opens in Dakar

(July 21, 2015) On July 20, 2015, the trial of former Chadian President Hissène Habré before the Extraordinary African Chambers (EAC) opened in Dakar, Senegal. He is facing accusations of crimes against humanity, torture, and war crimes. Habré denies being responsible for the thousands of deaths and the systematic torture that allegedly occurred during his […]

Senegal: Plan to Host Rule of Law Center

(June 23, 2015) On June 5, 2015, it was announced that a regional legal training center will be established in Dakar, Senegal. The announcement was part of a conference organized by the Senegalese government, the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), and the country of Qatar, which plans to fund the new center. The center will […]

Senegal: Newspaper Editor Charged over Ebola Story

(Aug. 19, 2014) Felix N’Zale, editor of the Senegalese newspaper La Tribune, has been detained by the Senegal police since August 11, 2014. He was charged with “spreading false news” and was remanded to custody in the Rebeuss prison. The charge is based on an article in his newspaper that appeared on August 11. It […]

Senegal: New Court to Try Former Chadian Leader

(Aug. 29, 2012) On August 22, 2012, the African Union and Senegal concluded an agreement on a special tribunal to try Hissène Habré, the former leader of Chad. The tribunal will be established in Dakar, Senegal, and will consider charges that Habré was responsible for the tortures and deaths of thousands of members of his […]

Senegal: Court Permits Candidacy for Third Presidential Term

(Feb. 3, 2012) On January 30, 2012, Senegal's Constitutional Court, the Conseil Constitutionel, determined that the current leader of the country, President Abdoulaye Wade, can run for a third term in office in the elections scheduled for February 26. A question had arisen because the country's current Constitution, as amended in 2001, sets a two-term […]

Senegal: Activist Sentenced to Two Years in Jail

(Oct. 26, 2011) On October 20, 2011, a court in Senegal sentenced Malick Noel Seck to two years of imprisonment following his conviction for issuing a death threat and for contempt of court. The charges stemmed from an open letter that Seck, an opposition activist, had written to senior judges. He was accused of threatening […]

Senegal: Extradition of Terror Suspects Approved by Court

(Aug. 5, 2010) On July 29, 2010, an appeals court in Senegal approved the extradition to their home country of three men from Morocco who had been accused of terrorism. The final decision on extradition is through a presidential decree. Si Mohamed, Mohamed Brigph, and Moulaye Abdelhani Nadane were the subjects of an extradition request […]

Senegal: Adoption of Gender Parity Law

(June 7, 2010) The Senegalese Parliament recently adopted a new law requiring all political parties to introduce absolute gender parity in electoral lists for all elected representation, national or local. Lists that do not comply with the law will be void. (Le Sénat adopte la loi sur la parité, AGENCE DE PRESSE SÉNÉGALAISE, May 19, […]