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United Nations/North Korea: Additional Sanctions Adopted

(June 7, 2017) On June 2, 2017, the United Nations Security Council unanimously adopted Resolution 2356 (2017), sponsored by the United States, “to extend the number of individuals and entities targeted by sanctions first imposed under resolution 1718 (2006) — an asset freeze and travel ban for those involved in the Democratic People’s Republic of […]

North Korea: Anti-Money Laundering and Anti-Terrorism Financing Law Adopted

(May 19, 2016) On April 20, 2016, the Presidium of the Supreme People’s Assembly of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) issued a decree on the adoption of the Law on Anti-Money Laundering and Combating Financing of Terrorism. The Law has 40 articles divided among six chapters.  (Revision: KCNA: North Korea Adopts New Law […]

North Korea; United Nations: Human Rights Office Dedicated to Monitoring North Korea Opened

(June 29, 2015) On June 23, 2015, the United Nations High Commissioner on Human Rights, Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein, announced the opening of the U.N. Human Rights Office (Seoul) in the Republic of Korea (ROK, South Korea), dedicated to monitoring human rights in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK, North Korea). (Opening Remarks by […]

North Korea: Foreign-Funded Business and Banking Laws Amended

(Feb. 17, 2012) The Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North Korea) amended its law on registration of businesses that have foreign funding. The change came via a decree issued on December 21, 2011, by the Presidium of the Supreme People's Assembly. The 34-article law covers registration of the founding, residence, taxation, and customs payments of […]

North Korea: Revision to the Constitution

(Oct. 20, 2009) The Supreme People's Assembly (SPA) of North Korea unanimously adopted the ordinance of the SPA On Revising and Supplementing the Socialist Constitution of the DPRK [Democratic People's Republic of Korea” on April 9, 2009. The contents of the revision have not been made public by the North Korean government. However, in late […]

Japan; North Korea: Defectors Return to Japan

(Dec. 2, 2007) After Japan's defeat in the Second World War, Koreans who had entered Japan during the war, in many cases against their will, returned to the Korean peninsula. Those that remained in Japan immediately after 1945 could not return to South or North Korea during the Korean War (1950-53). From 1959 to 1984, […]