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England: New Restrictions for UK and Irish Travelers Returning from High-Risk COVID-19 Countries

(Feb. 16, 2021) On February 15, 2021, England established increased testing, stronger enforcement, and more stringent quarantine requirements to combat the COVID-19 pandemic in the country. The U.K. government banned entry to all but U.K. and Irish citizens and residents from 33 countries considered “high risk” for transmitting new variants of COVID-19. These countries are […]

Italy: Legislation on Ministry of Foreign Affairs Implemented

(Feb. 21, 2017) On January 16, 2017, legislation reorganizing certain executive-level positions in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs entered into effect in Italy. (Decree of the President of the Republic, No. 260 of December 29, 2016, Regulations for the Implementation of Article 20 of Law No. 125 of August 11, 2014, and Other Amendments to […]

Ireland: Judgment Clarifies Definition of Consent in Rape Cases

(Nov. 21, 2016) As a result of a recent judgment from the Irish Supreme Court, the Irish government will introduce legislation to establish a definition of consent for rape. In the case decided November 11, 2016, the Court held that a woman has a constitutional right to the integrity of her body and that the […]

Ireland: Gender Recognition Bill Passed

(July 31, 2015) On July 15, 2015, the Gender Recognition Bill 2014 was passed by the Oireachtas (Irish legislature). (Gender Recognition Bill 2014, No. 116/2014, HOUSES OF THE OIREACHTAS.) The bill was signed into law by the President of Ireland on July 22. (2015 Legislation, PRESIDENT OF IRELAND.) The bill enables transgender people to obtain […]

Ireland: New Companies Act Takes Effect

(June 19, 2015) On June 1, 2015, the Companies Act 2014 took effect in Ireland. (Companies Act 2014, No. 38/2014, IRISH STATUTE BOOK.) This is the largest piece of legislation ever enacted in Ireland, comprising a total of 25 Parts (1448 sections) and 17 Schedules. The Act consolidates 16 existing Companies Acts – dating from […]

Ireland: Modified Rules on Abortion Considered

(May 10, 2013) On May 1, 2013, Enda Kenny, the Prime Minister of Ireland, introduced the Protection of Life During Pregnancy Bill 2013. If adopted, the bill would establish new rules governing the provision of abortion to save a pregnant woman’s life, but would not greatly alter <?Ireland's strict abortion laws. (Addison Morris, Ireland Government […]

Ireland: Reform of Begging Laws

(July 14, 2011) On February 2, 2011, the Oireachtas (Irish Parliament) enacted the Criminal Justice (Public Order) Act 2011, No. 5/2011 (Office of the Attorney General of Ireland, Irish Statute Book website (last visited July 6, 2011)). Almost two months after the Act's adoption, nearly 180 arrests were made under its provisions. (Jamie Smyth, Garda […]

Ireland: Government Response to Loss in European Court Ruling on Abortion Law

(Jan. 4, 2011) On December 16, 2010, the office of the head of the government in Ireland issued a statement indicating that the government would study the issue of what steps the country needs to take in order to comply with a recent judgment of the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) that found that […]

Ireland: EU Divorce Plan Rejected

(July 7, 2010) Ireland has declined to take part in a European Union plan for enhanced cooperation in divorce cases. The proposed scheme has been agreed upon by 14 Member States implementing, for the first time, rules contained in the Lisbon Treaty allowing core countries to proceed in an initiative without all Member States taking […]

Ireland: New Arbitration Act

(May 21, 2010) With the intention of modernizing its existing law and capitalizing on its great popularity with both business and recreational visitors, Ireland has enacted a new Arbitration Act that will go into force on June 8, 2010. (No.1/2010 (Ir.), (last visited May 18, 2010).) The new law incorporates both the 1958 New […]