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International: Electronic Apostille Program Developments

(Mar. 16, 2017) From November 2-4, 2016, the Hague Conference on Private International Law (HCCH) held a Special Commission meeting to review the practical operation of the Hague Convention Abolishing the Requirement of Legalisation for Foreign Public Documents. Better-known as the Apostille Convention, this international instrument entered into force on January 24, 1965, and currently […]

International: Second Anti-Terrorist Financing Statement

(Aug. 17, 2016) Delegates from 26 countries issued a joint document on the need for greater collaboration to counter the financing of terrorism. The Nusa Dua Statement, named for the location in Bali, Indonesia, in which the second Counter-Terrorism Financing Summit was held from August 8-11, 2016, was released at the end of the meeting. […]

International: Paris Agreement Parties to Consider Human Rights Issues

(May 20, 2016) The parties that signed the 2015 Framework Convention on Climate Change, popularly called the Paris Agreement, are meeting from May 16 to May 25, 2016, in Bonn, Germany, to consider the human rights implications of aspects of the climate change plan. (Adoption of the Paris Agreement, FCCC/CP/2015/L.9, United Nations website (Dec. 12, […]

International: NASCO Ruling on Salmon Fishing

(June 25, 2012) In June 2012, the North Atlantic Salmon Conservation Organization (NASCO) decided to continue a moratorium on commercial fishing of the species off Greenland. Unless the number of salmon in North Atlantic waters greatly increases in the interim, the ban will last until 2014. (Salmon Conservation Group Welcomes Greenland Fishing Ruling, ICE NEWS […]

International: Cluster Munitions Convention in Effect

(Aug. 9, 2010) On August 1, 2010, the Convention on Cluster Munitions came into force (text available from the Convention website, (last visited Aug. 2, 2010)). Adopted in Dublin, Ireland, on May 30, 2008, and signed several months later in Oslo, Norway, on December 3, the Convention has been ratified by 38 countries. The […]

International: Cluster Munitions Treaty to Take Effect

(Feb. 19, 2010) According to a February 16, 2010, United Nations press release, the Convention on Cluster Munitions will enter into force in August 2010. The 29th and 30th nations, Burkina Faso and Moldova, have submitted their instruments of ratification. (Press Release, U.N. Secretary-General, Secretary-General Welcomes August Entry into Force for Convention on Cluster Munitions […]

International: Cluster Bomb Ban Signed

(Dec. 16, 2008) On December 3 and 4, 2008, in Oslo, Norway, close to 100 countries signed a pact to ban cluster bombs, a type of weapon considered particularly likely to kill or maim civilians. Among the signatories were Britain, France, Germany, and 15 other NATO members, but the arms-producing nations China, Russia, and the […]