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Great Britain: Technology Bill Introduced to Regulate Driverless Cars, Increase Penalties for Misuse of Lasers

(Mar. 21, 2017) The Vehicle Technology and Aviation Bill 2017 was recently introduced in the British Parliament. The aim of the bill is to modernize transportation policies and laws in the United Kingdom.  The bill addresses the misuse of lasers, the liability of insurers of automated vehicles, the infrastructure to support electric vehicles, and air […]

Great Britain: Government Consultation on Possible Bill of Rights and Responsibilities

(Apr. 13, 2009) The British government has recently published a consultation paper on whether it should introduce a Bill of Rights and Responsibilities “to protect fundamental freedoms and foster mutual responsibility.” (Ministry of Justice, Rights and Responsibilities: Developing Our Constitutional Framework, Mar. 2009, available at In its current version, the Bill of Rights and […]