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Gambia: State of Emergency Lifted

(Jan. 30, 2017) On January 24, 2017, Gambia’s legislature ended the state of emergency in the country and rescinded the extension of executive power that had been granted to former President Yahya Jammeh. Jammeh had lost an election in December 2016 to Adama Barrow, but for a time refused to leave office and hand over […]

Gambia: Increased Monetary Deposit Requirements for Election Candidates

(July 21, 2015) On July 7, 2015, The Gambia’s legislature passed a bill amending the country’s Elections Act. (Gambia Passes Bill That Increases Deposit for Candidates, ABC NEWS (July 8, 2015); Elections Act (Decree No. 78, 1996, as last amended by Act No. 7, 2009), 1 LAWS OF THE GAMBIA, Cap. 3:01 (2009).) Provisions The […]

Gambia: Law Enacted Making Aggravated Homosexuality a Crime

(Nov. 26, 2014) On October 9, 2014, The Gambia’s President, Yahya Jammeh, signed into law the Criminal Code (Amendment) Act, 2014, which includes a provision that prescribes a harsh penalty for certain homosexual acts already criminalized under the country’s Criminal Code. (Gambian Leader Approves Anti-Gay Law, GUARDIAN (Nov. 21, 2014).) The Act was adopted by […]

Gambia: Parliament Adopts Stringent Anti-Homosexuality Law

(Sept. 16, 2014) On August 25, 2014, The Gambia’s 53-member unicameral National Assembly adopted the Criminal Code (Amendment) Act, 2014, aimed at including a new crime of “aggravated homosexuality” in the country’s Criminal Code. (Gambia Passes Bill to Introduce Crime of “Aggravated Homosexuality,” REUTERS (Sept. 9, 2014).) The legislation must be signed by the President […]

Gambia: National Assembly Approves Renewable Energy Legislation by Unanimous Vote

(Dec. 18, 2013) On December 12, 2013, The Gambia’s 53-member unicameral National Assembly unanimously adopted the Renewable Energy Bill, 2012, which, among other objectives, is aimed at putting in place a legal and institutional framework to encourage the use of renewable energy resources. (Aji Fatou Faal & Bekai Njie, Gambia Approves Bill to Promote Renewable […]

Gambia: Newspaper Staff Members Arrested

(Feb. 5, 2013) On January 18, 2013, three senior administrators at Gambia’s Daily Observer newspaper were arrested by officers of the country’s National Intelligence Agency (NIA). The move was part of an investigation into alleged corruption at the newspaper. The three, marketing manager Amie Manka, accountant Yasin Faal, and procurement officer James Campbell, were released […]

Gambia: Seven Death Sentences Upheld

(Oct. 23, 2012) On October 19, 2012, the Gambia Supreme Court upheld the treason convictions of seven men, including the former Chief of Defense Staff, Lieutenant General Lang Tombong Tamba. The defendants originally were convicted in 2010 and given death sentences. (Jaimie Cremeans, AI: Gambia Convicts at Risk of Execution After Supreme Court Decision, PAPER […]

Gambia: Death Penalty Impositions Temporarily Halted

(Sept. 18, 2012) On September 14, 2012, Yahya Jammeh, President of The Gambia, set a temporary moratorium on executions in the country. (Gambia Stops Death Row Executions, CBC NEWS (Sept. 15, 2012).) There are 37 people remaining under death sentences in The Gambia, following nine executions in August 2012. Jammeh issued a statement to the […]

Gambia: Report of Official Executions Being Carried Out After Long Hiatus

(Aug. 30, 2012) Amnesty International (AI) reported on August 24, 2012, that it had “received credible reports” of nine persons having been executed in The Gambia on the previous night and that more persons might be executed in the near future. President Yahya Jammeh had announced in a television address to the nation the previous […]

Gambia: Editor Punished by Court

(July 3, 2012) On June 28, 2012, newspaper editor Abdulhamid Adiamoh, a Nigerian citizen, was sentenced by a court in Gambia for contempt of court. His punishment is a fine equivalent to about US$3,165 or six months of imprisonment with hard labor. The charges stem from the defendant's alleged criticism in his newspaper, Today, of […]